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  1. Esau's says:

    Let’s find out who at DHS tried attacking voting databases and electronic voting machines in three or more state’s systems with just as much vigor.

    Let’s find out if the DNC and Podesta were actually phished by the CIA, FBI or NSA. They are just as likely candidates as the FSB or GRU. Especially, when you look at the hacking applications those US agencies were using, which were conveniently leaked to Wikileaks. The leaker was trying to help the idiots outside of cyberforensics follow the trail back to the Obama administration’s spying on Trump.

    Let’s see the FISA applications filed against Trump associates and the orders issued after their approval.

    Let’s see Comey, Clapper, Rogers, and Brennan put through depositions by the intelligence committees. Let’s see Susan Rice in a deposition too, and her little dog, Ben Rhodes. And btw where is Richard Burr in all this? Hiding in his desk well?

    This search for the leaker of hacking programs and tools is a shiny new object dangled in front of us. (Hint: it was Edward Snowden. He still has a trove of stuff he hasn’t released and he warned the US of that.)

    Why? To distract from the real scandal: the Obama administration’s use of our national security and intelligence apparatuses for the purposes of partisan political spying and the feeding of the information on Trump to Hellary. (It needs a new name, let’s call it the Obama Ears’ Scandal.) And the preposterous cover story, once they’d found nothing: The Russia-Wikileaks-Trump Collusion Myth. (You know they found nothing because Hellary’s not president. QED.)

    The same holds true of Julian Assange’s “imminent” arrest. Another shiny new object dangled to distract us. (Prediction: Assange ain’t comin’ out of that embassy and the Ecuadorans ain’t givin’ him up.)

    America, is U sufficiently WOKE yet?

  2. Fred says:

    If youre loohing for traitors in the CIA or FBI start at the top , that way you will find them faster.

  3. bill says:

    More BS rom Zionist run CIA

  4. Elizabeth says:

    You need to be listening to what God is saying right now. America is One Nation Under God , and He is taking His country back from those who are trying to destroy it. He is exposing the evil in our government. The sources are only a tool He is using to unwrap the onion……stinky as it may be. The left is trying to kill the messenger when the message is what is important…….don’t look over there, look here, they say. There is no cover-up here. (“Not even a smigen”? Really??)

  5. Larry says:

    i can see it coming now! Won’t it be wonderful to hear the DNC, and 17 government agencies that have so vehemently blamed Russia for all the spying and leaking do the honorable thing? They will have to stand up and and in a very public manner and say, “Russia, we are sorry that we were wrong in blaming you. We are sorry that we were lying, we were using you to cover up our vindictive, greedy, unlawful, unpatriotic and scheming criminal activities to further our support of the most unqualified candidate. Can you find it in your heart to not charge us in international court for our evil ways?”

  6. Phil says:

    Just based on what I read in this article, it looks like the Russians aren’t the problem. Hope the CIA and FBI can find the leak and permanently plug it. I have read that the employees at the CIA have to take lie detector exams every so often. Sounds like a good idea except for the fact that there are people that can fool the detector.

    Phil in TX

  7. I still say comey needs to be fired as he protected and covered up for hillary and her crimes.

  8. LOL. The FBI and CIA investigating themselves. That is like the dumocraps investigating obama and hillary. They are the ones who need to be investigated by an independent outside source but definitely no one from the FBI or CIA. How can they investigate themselves with any reliability. The DOJ needs to do the investigating.

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