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trump bow

As Business Insider reports, President Donald Trump did not bow during his meeting with Japan’s 83-year-old Emperor today. Instead, he tilted his head as a sign of respect, but he […]

megyn kelly halloween

Megyn Kelly once had one of the most popular Fox News primetime shows. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. With disastrous ratings and a $17 million contract, Kelly joined in […]

trump manafort

President Donald Trump responded immediately once the official announcement was made that former campaign chairman Paul Manafort had been charged by Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel that is investigating possible Russia […]

rosie o donnell trump

In an interview with W Magazine, left-wing celebrity Rosie O’Donnell broke her post-election silence on President Donald Trump. She’s worried that she may not be able to live through four […]

hillary 2020

Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about Barack Obama anymore as he can’t run for president again. But that hasn’t stopped him from making Washington, D.C., his permanent home where […]

ivanka trump matchmaker

On Fox News’ Sean Hannity show, Ivanka Trump appeared to discuss President Donald Trump’s tax plan. But during the conversation, she revealed a secret that no one expected: She and […]

President Donald Trump’s administration has announced today that America will withdraw membership from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. UNESCO has been very anti-American for years and shamefully […]

mike ditka nfl kneelers

Former NFL player and legendary coach of the Chicago Bears Mike Ditka said during the Monday Night Football pregame show that he does not support the NFL players who continue […]

beavercreek bar nfl anthem

Most would assume that bars pulling NFL games from their television lineup would hurt their business. But in Beavercreek, Ohio, Bill DeFries, owner of Beef O’Brady’s and a retired Marine, […]

arizona shooting casa grande

At least four people were fatally shot in Casa Grande, Arizona, today. Arizona police have responded to the quadruple homicide in 400 block of W. 13th Street. Casa Grande is […]

Flemington Car nfl advertisement

Another advertiser is finished with the National Football League (NFL) after the ongoing kneeling controversy. Players have continued to protest the National Anthem and our police officers, even after the […]

oakland raiders threw game

The internet is full of reports of a massive, potentially criminal, scandal about last Sunday’s game between the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders. If you were unaware, the Raiders […]