Let there be no mistake: former President Barack Obama loves to talk about himself. While the media can’t stop portraying Donald Trump as a “narcissist,” his predecessor most certainly was one.

Remember during Obama’s presidency when he used the memorial of the death of 5 police officers in Dallas, Texas to talk about himself? And that’s just one of the hundreds of examples we have.

After months of laying low during the investigations into the FBI’s Trump-wiretapping, Obama’s back on the campaign trail. And he can’t stop talking about his favorite subject.

Watch (below) as he was in Ohio to campaign for Richard Cordray, who was once appointed by Obama to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

In addition to endless mentions of himself, Obama seems to have developed a serious habit of stuttering. Was something wrong with the teleprompter, or is something wrong with Obama? I thought he was well-regarded for his eloquent oratory skills.

Here he is (below), stumping for Cordray and her lieutenant governor candidate Betty Sutton. What a mess:

“Let, let, let, let me just say these, these are friends of mine. I admit I am biased,” stammered Obama.

Everyone is allowed to mention themselves a few times during a speech (especially a former president) but this became excessive. Notice how he keeps referencing them as “friends of mine” or how he used to “work with them.”

He added that Cordray “had my back even when some of you couldn’t pronounce my name.” Apparently, that’s a relevant joke, even in 2018.

Obama even made hecklers about him, as he noted that he missed hecklers. Obama opined, “I can never really hear what they’re saying, but I appreciate the exercise of free speech.”

During this speech, you can hear Obama talk about himself 79 times during a 40-minute speech. He said ‘I’ 66 times, ‘Me’ 5 times, ‘My’ 5 times, and ‘Mine’ 3 times. You can only imagine how that really made these Democratic candidates feel in private! Perhaps he should start focusing on the candidates themselves, and not stutter so much.

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