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clinton surplus myth

Earlier this month, Bill Clinton publicly took a dig at President Donald Trump’s 2018 tax reform plan. He did so while speaking at Georgetown University to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his […]

trump approval ratings underestimated

Donald Trump’s low approval rating has given Democrats plenty to talk about – even though it hasn’t seemed to help them all too much in elections (unless we’re counting gubernatorial […]

charlottesville obamacare

Virginia voted to keep in their liberal governor earlier this month, which Democrats hailed as a significant victory simply because it was the first one they’ve had in over a […]

hate crime rise

If you listened to the liberal media in the wake of the U.S. election, you would’ve “learned” that Donald Trump’s rhetoric had emboldened bigots nationwide, and the consequences were already […]

liberals gun control

It’s truly no wonder that no significant gun control legislation seems to get passed in this country, because on the issue of the gun control, proponents of stricter gun laws […]

honda accord 1996

A man hawking a used Honda Accord for his girlfriend got creative when she decided to sell the thing. He actually created a professional ad for the automobile…… a 1996 […]

Blaire White trump

Conservative YouTuber Blaire White lives in liberal California, and, ironically, is a minority that the left doesn’t care much about. White is well known for her videos that provide sharp […]

california poorest state

The evidence is clear that if you want to live in a well-run state, you’re better off moving to a red one A study by the non-profit group Truth in […]

first thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving, you can expect a revisionist history lesson from some factions of the Left regarding what they believe to be the “truth” about the holiday. A particular incident comes […]

trump irs safe

The IRS is building a safe to keep President Donald Trump’s tax returns safe from the public eye. Thus far, only two years of Trump’s taxes have been leaked to […]

shepard smith uranium one

Earlier this week, Shepard Smith – known as one of Fox’s most liberal hosts – won praise from liberals for a segment he did challenging the conservative narrative regarding the […]

judicial watch kentucky

Debating voter fraud truly is an interesting experience. You need a photo ID to rent a car, purchase alcohol and tobacco, apply for welfare, rent an apartment, buy a home, […]