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  1. Donald says:

    Fired, loss of all top secret clearances, loss of all benefits, loss of fire arm permits. USMC

  2. David says:

    When may we hear the sound of Presidential Justice: “You’re Fired!”

  3. This secret service agent who is refusing to protect the President should be FIRED immediately and not promoted to run the bureau in Denver. What a disgrace.

  4. William says:

    Good by idiot.

  5. Vc says:

    Sounds like the Secret Service is following Twitller’s lead in stayings ilent about the ‘appropriate action” taken against Agent O’Grady. Twitler did the same thing re Ms CONway. I’m sure he knows what action the agency took. No need for public announcements.

  6. poppDavid says:

    If the President is worried about security, perhaps he should avoid NYC and Mar-a-Largo. The crowds there certainly have unlimited access.

    1. Vc says:

      “If the President is worried about security …..”
      Shh, poppDavid, Let’s hope he isn’t tipped off about your comment. Don’t give him any survival suggestions. Besides, he already knows more about everything then anyone does.

  7. Harris says:

    What about the SS agent that left the lap Top with Trump floor plans and vital information in it, In her care intentionally to be stolen? Was she fired yet? Another corrupt obama crony.

  8. Harris says:

    The Swamp needs to be Drained! President Trump needs to get rid of those that worked with the corrupt Obama. PERIOD.

  9. George says:

    Are you kidding? There’s no question at all – she must be removed from the Secret Service. She has defined herself as someone whose opinion overrides her duty to the country. And since opinions can change, she can never again be trusted to protect ANY President. Very happy that she let this slip so that she could be removed before a disaster happened.

    1. Mixture says:

      The lady must be completely separated from the Secret Service. That means she should be FIRED now, no benefits or anything. Any SS agent with that kind of an attitude has no business in the SS at any level. It’s too serious a position for snowflakes.

    2. Vc says:

      “She has defined herself as someone whose opinion overrides her duty to the country.”
      So has Trump but he hasn’t gone anywhere yet.

  10. George says:

    She has disqualified herself from a position of security and protection for our President Trump, therefore she must be fired from SS.
    Time for SS to ARREST illegal alien usurper Barack H. Obama aka Barry Soetoro to NDAA Prison for TREASON, I.D. Fraud Voter Fraud, Immigration Violation, SS# Fraud, Murder, ETC! Install CC camera connected to internet one way view looking in on Obama from Americans and the World to keep Obama from escaping. Pay 4 View at 10¢ of Obama in prison writing his $20-M memoirs with a pencil on toilet paper will raise so much money Americans will never again have to pay taxes. Add in Clintons and Soros, and the Pay4View will be so popular that the $20-Trillion Debt will be paid off in 5-years. Arrest them NOW! Pay4View online!
    And then push on and on to victory!

  11. Ken says:

    FIRED and thrown out of the federal employment for good Never to hold another federal job!

  12. Larry says:

    Her next paperwork should be at the unemployment office. With extreme vetting done on her behalf.
    I would think that after those comments she would at least be on unpaid administrative leave, no reassignment to another position, no employment of any kind would be much better while waiting on her jury trial.

  13. Mpit says:

    She should be fired and lose all benefits, as well. If I were a SecSer Agent I would not trust her as far as I could pick her ass up and throw it.

  14. Dorothy says:

    Fire her ass!!!

  15. jefafa says:

    She should be fired and not allowed to hold ant position in any government agency for life! It’s high time these government liars get what they ask for!

  16. Ray says:

    She was probably hired by Obama and should be fired by Trump. It’s a fine remedy for self important individuals. She may find that nobody wants to hire her.

    1. Mpit says:

      Her tweet or whatever says she has 21 years of service. Can her and don’t pay her pension.

  17. Bill says:

    This agent should be removed from the Agency she works for! No pension and total removel from any government job for life. Also she needs to serve some time for breaking her oath of alligence that she swore to uphold. She is a total Disgrace to the Agency!

  18. Henryk says:

    The agent should be fired and lose her very expensive benefits. Giving her a job somewhere else in the vast jungle of the federal system is not answer at all. Are you kidding me? Give her another position after she openly defied her responsibilities is a joke. Do the right thing and expel her forever. Let her apply somewhere else in the current job market is the right thing to do. Let her taste a life in the vast ranks of the ordinary people.

  19. Lucas says:

    Jail time and forfeiture of federal pension. We are either a nation of laws or not. If President Trump does not start making examples of lawbreakers–including intelligence officers and Democrat lawmakers involved in illegally leaking official classified documents–then he will appear weak and should step down. Otherwise I am in support of our President.

  20. Juan says:

    FIRED with No retirement pay!!!!!!!!

  21. William says:

    That agent should be dismissed from any duty what so ever … She is a Disgrace to the Secret Service and in turn all Americans .. I as a Civilian would take a bullet for the President and or any one in his family … Sorry , but she disgraced all of America …

  22. Kenneth says:

    Why in Hells name isn’t this woman in gaol??

  23. Clintons says:

    DO you KNOW how many countless GOOD aspiring people who tried out to be are waiting in line to be secret service member? All the honorable, skilled, patriot service members that couldn’t get accepted because a disgraceful traitor like this, figuratively being a women SS agent, was clogging up one slot on the roster – who won’t respect the president.
    She should be more than fired. she needs to be banished from all federal employment after this.

    What a slap in the face to the honorable patriots who’re swearing an oath to protect the president, who’s sworn to uphold the constitution and save the republic that is the USA.

    SO glad they ratted this traitor out of the force. She was Hillary plant ALL along. they need to interrogate her and find out what she’s been leaking to the press and the coup-movement, lead by Obama. He needs to be next, and dealt with swiftly. He and a whole cast of people needs to be swat teamed, and rounded up and put on trial for treason and insurrection of the lawfully elected POTUS.

  24. ksate says:

    I definitely want a job like hers. Refuse to do my job, continue to be paid and better yet, they offer me a job better suited to my personal needs! Maybe it’s time the military and police step forward and pick who they want to defend? She should have been fired right after the investigation. Too much corruption in our corruption.

  25. LFord says:

    Fire her! She has already stated she will not perform what is an essential requirement of the job. No reason the taxpayers should support another “non-performer.” Let her get a job on the Hillabeast’s security detail. That’s who she said she wanted to be with, anyway. Give her her wish!

  26. HOFFHACK says:

    Those so called top officials should be sought out and fired right along with her!

    1. Vc says:

      ‘Those so called top officials should be sought out and fired right along with her ”
      Man, I know how you feel. I feel the same way about Trump and Co.

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