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America Now Has Helicopters With Laser Cannons!

Good news, taxpayers! We won’t have to pay for as many bombs and bullets in the future!

The United States is definitely on the cutting edge when it comes to military arsenal equipment. Remember when we debuted the F-117/A Stealth Fighter that shocked the world?

When I served in the Gulf War, the Saudis called it the “devil plane.” We then unleashed the Stealth Bomber and a new USAF fighter plane that was definitely sleek.

The development of the laser as a military weapon is happening right before our eyes and it is happening much faster than all the liberal/socialist/Communist/anti-military crowd ever believed was possible!

Source: Task & Purpose

Raytheon has been working with the Army’s Apache Program Management Office on the Apache integration since at least May 2016. Speaking at an industry conference then, SOCOM Rotary Wing program chief Col. John Vannoy characterized the directed energy weapons initiative as a relatively inexpensive alternative to guided missiles and other munitions, a program that fits with Air Force Special Operations Command’s plans to outfit an AC-130J Ghostrider with an integrated laser system.

“We’re not at the point where we’ve laid out a business case to advance it,” Col. Vannoy said of aircraft-integrated laser systems. “We really want to understand the environment on the wing, the beam quality we can get off the wing and the ability to beam steer and keep power on a target.”

Watch the first-ever firing of a high-energy laser from a helicopter below:

This is what I’m talking about! Advancement in technology, isn’t it great? Why laser cannons? You will never run out of ammo and they are amazingly accurate.

Liberals won’t be crying over spending money for bombs and bullets anymore. This thing will definitely kick some tail! What do you think about this development? Share your enthusiasm below in the comment section.



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