If you’re hearing the name “Young Kim” for the first time today, you’re not the only one. Indeed, in a world where the media will hype the identity of a political candidate so long as they check the right identity boxes (female, gay, transgender, Muslim, black, etc.), they are mysteriously silent about Kim, who is now the first Korean-American woman elected to Congress. Why? Because she’s a Republican, of course!

When Democrats talk about the need to “elect more women,” “elect more people of color,” or “elect more *insert identity here*,” they’re really just saying “elect more Democrats.” After all, the same Democrats who called Republicans racist for not supporting Barack Obama didn’t then turn around support the candidacies of Herman Cain or Ben Carson, did they? Of course not.

Republican Young Kim becomes first Korean-American woman elected to Congress

Not only did Young Kim win her election last night to become the first Korean-American woman member of Congress, she also won in a Clinton-friendly district.

One of the few places to profile Kim was the Los Angeles Times, which noted in October that she was running in a district that was losing Republican support:

“[There’s] been eroding Republican support for decades in the 39th Congressional District, where roughly two-thirds of residents are either Asian or Latino and immigrants make up about a third of the population. But in this year’s tough midterm election, likely to be a referendum on Donald Trump’s divisive presidency, Kim will be forced to stitch together a majority out of disparate factions: die-hard Trump supporters, Trump-averse minorities and affluent suburban women.”

And despite all those challenges, she won, but don’t expect to see any inspirational media coverage over the struggles Kim overcame. That would dispel the narrative of “racist” or “anti-immigrant” Republicans – the media’s favorite narrative.

An historic election cycle for women – and Republican women are ignored

A record number of women ran for Congress this election, but the only ones you ever heard of are liberals. The website VICE started a series called “She’s Running” to document some of these candidacies, and every single one they profiled was a Democrat, naturally.

The left-wing publication Now This published a compilation of all the victories by women and minorities in their races. The only Republican they included on the list was Marsha Blackburn, perhaps because it would be hard to get away with excluding such a high-profile woman from their list. Kim however, was missing entirely from the list.

Depressing, isn’t it? The media will adore a clueless socialist like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for being young and a woman, but for Young Kim, the (R) next to her name makes her invisible.

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