You Won’t Believe Where Hillary Tells an Adoring Fan to Go


Well this is certainly shocking. Hillary has always seemed like such a warm, personable, everyday woman of the people.

Yet here we have video of the presidential hopeful telling an autograph-seeking fan to head to the back of the line.

This particular fan however, was persistent, and Mrs. Clinton repeated herself several times.

Via the Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher, who referred to her as “Queen Hillary”:

Most peasants are happy just to feel the breeze of Hillary Clinton’s swift passage through their meager, insignificant lives. But every once in a while, a serf forgets his or her place. Every once in a while, Her Majesty must put the rabble back where they belong.

Every once in a while, we get to watch.

Watch …

It’s difficult not to wonder if Ambassador Christopher Stevens was given similar advice when he requested additional security in Benghazi, and was either denied, ignored or both.

What do you think – another example of the Clinton’s being above the common folk, or much ado about nothing?

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