You Won’t Believe How Much The ‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ Singer Is Making Per Day

Rich Men North Of Richmond
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Last week, we reported that Oliver Anthony, the singer of the anti-woke anthem “Rich Men North Of Richmond,” had turned down an $8 million country music deal. Now, the massive amount of money that he’s earning off his self-released song per day has been revealed, and you won’t believe how much it is!

Anthony Making Massive Amount Of Money Per Day

The New York Post reported that Anthony is making a whopping $40,000 per day off of “Rich Men North Of Richmond.” This money has mainly been generated from downloads on iTunes and streaming sites like Spotify, as the song has skyrocketed up the music charts since it dropped on August 11.

In the first week alone that “Rich Men North Of Richmond” was out, it garnered 147,000 downloads on iTunes, which pays up to 70 cents per download, meaning that Anthony made roughly $102,000.

Much of the rest of the $40,000 that is coming in for Anthony daily stems from royalties from streaming services like Spotify, which pays around 4 cents per stream.

An additional portion of this money is likely coming from merchandising and other distribution sites like Bandcamp and Patreon, where artists are able to “dictate the price” of their work. According to Anthony’s Bandcamp profile, he sells tracks for $1 per download or stream on that platform. Meanwhile, on his Patreon page, fans can get early access to Anthony’s content for $1 or $3 monthly.

Anthony currently lives in a $750 camper that he purchased on Craigslist, and it’s located on a property in Farmsville, Virginia that he bought for $97,500. Despite this, he “brushed off” an $8 million country music deal that he was offered after the success of his song.

“I don’t want 6 tour busses, 15 tractor trailers and a jet. I don’t want to play stadium shows, I don’t want to be in the spotlight,” he explained in a Facebook post. “I wrote the music I wrote because I was suffering with mental health and depression.”

“No editing, no agent, no bulls–t. Just some idiot and his guitar,” he continued. “The style of music that we should have never gotten away from in the first place.”

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‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’

“Rich Men North Of Richmond” has resonated with the masses because Anthony uses the lyrics of the song to voice the frustrations of millions of working class Americans as he lashes out at politicians, welfare recipients and taxes.

“These rich men north of Richmond / Lord knows they all just want to have total control / Wanna know what you think / Wanna know what you do / And they don’t think you know, but I know that you do,” he sings. “Cause your dollar ain’t s***, and it’s taxed to no end / ‘Cause of rich men north of Richmond.”

“Lord, we got folks in the street, ain’t got nothing to eat and the obese milking welfare,” goes another line of the song. “Well God, if you’re 5-foot-3 and you’re 300 pounds/ Taxes ought not to pay for your bags of fudge rounds.”

“Your dollar ain’t s*** and it’s taxed to no end / ‘cause of rich men north of Richmond,” he sings at a different point.

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Anthony Could Get Better Deal

Ross Michaels, the co-president and founder of Park Avenue Artists, said that Anthony can likely leverage the success of “Rich Men North Of Richmond” to secure an even better deal for himself than the $8 million one that he was already offered.

“He could probably negotiate [the money split] even further down where a record label will give him money up front to continue recording and an advance to go towards a marketing budget,” Michaels explained, adding that there are times when artists are “offered a singles deal where you’re paid a ton of money for just a single and you can continue to be independent.”

Others have said that bypassing the corporate-run record labels and going at it alone may pay off for Anthony in the long run.

“The fact that he went viral removes a lot of the benefits of having a record label, which would be promotion, marketing and distribution clout,” said longtime musician Roger Street Friedman, who has self-released several albums. “He also seems like a guy who doesn’t necessarily trust ‘the man.’”

The success of “Rich Men North Of Richmond” shows that Americans are sick of the woke content that much of the music industry has been pumping out for years now. In the end, Anthony might be making the best decision in avoiding being tied to a major record label, because he seems to be doing just fine on his own!

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