You Can’t Find Truth On Cable Or Network News Anymore

The truth is completely irrelevant in America today, especially with the national and cable news channels.

It is much like an artifact, such as a spear from the Peloponnesian War (the second war). It’s quaint, very old-fashioned, and if you keep talking about it, Liberals are sure to call you a racist, then run away. They call us racists then run away no matter what we do or say, anyway – it’s simply a fact of life.

When Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General released the Russian investigation summary clearing President Trump of obstruction of justice and collusion, the opposition media tried their best to mop up the mud they spread around the house.

They spent the better part of two years swearing to their audiences there was collusion or the hint of collusion at every little white spec of dirt they saw in the carpet. Now they are on the Küber-Ross first stages of grief. Only they seem to be stuck on step one.

The first stage of grief is “denial,” everyone knows that. Instead of owning up to the fault, most will try to cover it up with an excuse or try to remove the original act and claim while trying to rewrite the history books. What many do not understand is that no one wants to accept a loss, but that’s all these so-called adults have. Now you see the opposition media stuck in the second stage, anger. They have to get Trump at all cost because their foundation keeps deteriorating underneath them, they can’t find solid footing.

Let’s bring an awesome sense of truth to what I am trying to relay to you. Nineteen lawyers and dozens of FBI agents worked on the Mueller investigation at the behest of special counsel Robert Mueller and odds are, if they’d found a smoking gun or something that contradicted what Attorney General William Barr wrote in his summary, you can best believe someone would have called their friends at CNN or MSNBC contradict it. The phones have not rung.

The Left is in denial about the existence of objective truth. Drumming this wrong-headed and evil idea into the heads of young people and others gullible enough to believe them, has been the long term project of the Left for at least 50 years.

We are now seeing the fruits of this. It is everywhere–Jussie Smollett, Green “New Deal,” the idea that babies born alive after a botched abortion are not live infants, the claim that the crisis at the Border is “manufactured,” etc., are all examples of the same sickness of the mind.

Americans should look unflinchingly at THIS truth. We should be vigorous in combatting this in whatever sphere we can. We have truth on our side and shouldn’t be afraid to flex a little muscle here and there.

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