It’s not very often that any of the other Republican candidates can lay claim to getting the better of Donald Trump during a debate. It seems even less likely that it could have come from Jeb Bush no less, who had spent the previous debates coming off as extremely awkward.

Yet that’s exactly what happened when the two squared off on the topic of eminent domain –  the concept of seizing private property for public use.

Bush went hard after Trump for allegedly trying to use eminent domain to take property from an elderly woman in Atlantic City.

Via CBS News:

Republican front runner Donald Trump on Saturday night once again found himself defending his position on eminent domain, when in the GOP debate Jeb Bush slammed him for trying to “take property from an elderly woman.”

Bush leveled the charge after Trump said that eminent domain is “absolutely necessary for a country” because it enables the construction of major public infrastructure, such as roads and hospitals.

“That’s for public purpose,” Bush countered in the ABC debate in Manchester, New Hampshire. Trump, he said, once tried to use eminent domain to turn an elderly woman’s property “into a limousine parking lot for his casinos.”

Trump would eventually say that the woman “ultimately didn’t want to do that” as if they eventually settled on an agreement, though the reality is she had to fight Trump in the court system for years to keep her property.

The battle between Bush and Trump raged on, with the latter saying Jeb was just trying to be “a tough guy” which “doesn’t work very well” for him.

But Jeb’s response left Trump floored and ultimately turned the crowd in his favor.

“How tough it is to take away property from an elderly woman?” Bush asked.


Trump was so flummoxed he ended up trying to ‘shush’ his opponent.

Watch the exchange below …

Comment: Hey, you win some, you lose some. Did Trump lose this exchange with Jeb in your opinion? Let us know below.

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