Year in Review: ‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Turned Out To Be True

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It’s the holidays, and soon we will be ringing in another year. Some of us will ring in the new year at lavish parties, while others will ring it in like my family, with two little ones passing out around ten and a husband passing out not long after.

Some of my favorite New Years’ coverage are the flashbacks to what happened in the year that we are about to close the book on, often focused on things like movies that made it big, songs that hit the top 10, and notable celebs who passed away. But, unfortunately, what you won’t see is the type of review I’m about to give you.

This year was fantastic if you were ever considered a ‘conspiracy theorist’ because many of these conspiracy theories came true. So for all you die-hard believers in the deep state and coverups, this tin foil hat tip is for you.

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Domestic Terrorists

Last year, interim CEO of the National School Board Association Chip Slaven wrote an infamously ridiculous and weaponized letter to the White House. In this letter, Mr. Slaven pleaded with the Department of Justice to utilize the Patriot Act to essentially silence concerned parents.

Who would’ve thought that protesting divisive curriculum and scientifically questionable COVID policies would mark you a domestic terrorist?

As a refresher, the letter claimed:

“America’s public schools and its education leaders are under an immediate threat from parents protesting COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates and Critical Race Theory.”

Now, while this is relatively old news, what did drop this year was significant evidence indicating this letter wasn’t just the brainchild of good ole’ Chip but something massaged by none other than the White House.

But, as usual, those who believe they are above the law tend to rely far too much on emails, which allowed many conspiracy theorist mama bears to put a feather in their cap.

In one email, Mr. Slaven says that he has been:

“…in talks over the last several weeks with White House staff” and that they are “requesting additional information on some of the specific threats.”

And the cherry on top of this bombshell was Mr. Slaven openly telling his colleagues he was:

“…writing a letter to provide information to the White House, from a request by Secretary Cardona.”

Luckily for Education Secretary Cardona and the White House, mainstream media doesn’t care about the government targeting its citizens, provided they are on the right side of the political aisle.

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It Is A Thing

All the moms ridiculed as too dumb to know what they were raving about by left-wing talking heads had quite a few wins this year. My favorite was the revelation that, yes, indeed, Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being taught in public schools.

The Manhattan Institute surveyed 1,505 Americans between 18 and 20 and found a whopping 82.4% said they were taught the four core concepts of CRT. The rest of the statistics are equally as alarming:

  • 62% were instructed the United States is “systematically racist”
  • 57% were taught white people have “unconscious biases that negatively affect non-white people”
  • 69% were taught “white people have white privilege”

Interestingly there wasn’t a mad dash by the mainstream media to retract their claims that CRT, as CNN once said, “isn’t a thing” or offer any apology to all the brave moms and dads out there who wouldn’t back down.

Left-wing twit Ana Navarro tweeted:


Whoops. That was a lie. 

Spooks Everywhere!

Nothing annoys the left more than the claim there is a ‘deep state’ conspiracy where the arms of government have a tight embrace around social media and the like controlling our civic discourse like puppet masters. (Which is interesting, because this was a bedrock left-wing position from at least the early 1960’s until the very moment Donald Trump was elected.)

I find it fascinating, given that it wasn’t that long ago that the left-wing hippies were screaming about “The Man” bringing them down and “G-men” corrupting our nation.

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Once the Twitter files dropped this year, it was hard to hide that not only were various three-letter government agencies manipulating the decisions on what to ‘moderate’ and what not but that plenty of spooks were sitting in high-level positions within the Twitter enterprise.

It seems as though the Department of Homeland Security did not need a Disinformation Governance Board; the FBI and CIA had essentially melded with social media giants like Twitter and Facebook, allowing for real-time information control.

Remember when we were all ridiculed about the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story? Or how about all the conservatives who were trashed for claiming they were shadow-banned on Twitter?

What rocks my world is how most ‘journalists’ aren’t outraged at the proof that the government has been manipulating free speech and discourse but are outraged at independent journalists (who, mind you, aren’t right-leaning) who have discovered and reported on this truth. 

Not Enough Ink

I could easily write at least two more articles on the alleged conspiracies that were revealed as accurate this year. I haven’t even touched on how we have had troops in Ukraine for months, even though President Biden promised we wouldn’t send troops to Ukraine.

Let’s not forget how our border is secure; Vice President and Border Czar Kamala Harris told us so! How racist of anyone to think that the liberals want an open border to replace Americans born and raised here.

Pay no attention to the announcement by Senator Chuck Schumer that he wants to give all illegal immigrants citizenship because we aren’t having enough babies. Or how about the promises former Press Secretary Jen Psaki made from the White House press podium that all refugees from Afghanistan have been adequately vetted?

This year, an investigation discovered that the DHS could not vet the refugees coming into our country properly. I could go on and on.

So for my fellow conspiracy theorists out there, well done. You guys nailed it this year, and you deserve applause for sticking to your guns. 

I mean, hell, we even learned that UFOs exist, albeit under a different, more palatable acronym.

Happy New Year, dear reader; keep those tin foil hats securely fixed to your heads; 2024 will no doubt be another doozy of a year.

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