WOW! Here’s The Smoking Gun Email That Could Send Hillary To Prison


The State Department did another monthly document dump when it released more of Hillary Clinton’s emails from her private server at about 1 am early this morning.

Ed Morrisey at Hot Air picked up on an email which could be the smoking gun that gets Hillary indicted, something a former U.S. attorney said is almost certain to happen.

With the FBI now having this damning document in their hands, it just might be inevitable.

The following is an email in which Hillary orders her staff to take a classified set of talking points, strip it of it’s classified markings, and then send it over an unsecured channel.


It doesn’t get any more obvious that Hillary at the very least asked aides to commit a crime than that, friends.

Via Hot Air:

Has the State Department released a smoking gun in the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal? In a thread from June 2011, Hillary exchanges e-mails with Jake Sullivan, then her deputy chief of staff and now her campaign foreign-policy adviser, in which she impatiently waits for a set of talking points. When Sullivan tells her that the source is having trouble with the secure fax, Hillary then orders Sullivan to have the data stripped of its markings and sent through a non-secure channel.

That should be game, set, and match, yes?

“If they can’t, turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send nonsecure.” That’s an order to violate the laws handling classified material. There is no other way to read that demand. Regardless of whether or not Sullivan complied, this demolishes Hillary’s claim to be ignorant of marking issues, as well as strongly suggests that the other thousand-plus instances where this did occur likely came under her direction.

Guy Benson at Townhall writes, “One wonders how many other emails and memos were improperly wiped clean of classified markings for the purposes of convenience, or what have you.”

He also points to this Fox News article reminding readers that Clinton insisted she never dealt with emails that were marked classified, but an official had alleged otherwise, even noting that someone may have stripped classification from some documents.

The official said stripping classified markings would “constitute a felony, in and of itself,” adding “I can’t imagine that a rank-and-file career DOS employee would have done this, so it was most likely done by someone in her inner circle.”

Is this the smoking gun that hits Hillary or her staff with felony charges?

You can bet if it were either you or I, we’d have been charged already.

Comment: Do you think this will bring down Hillary’s presidential bid? Will she be charged for a crime? Share your thoughts below.