With Trump Gone, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Is Sinking Fast In Ratings

The cable news industry overall has seen a dip in ratings since former President Donald Trump left office, but MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace might be at the top of that list.

Wallace’s daytime show Deadline: White House has had almost an 80 percent drop in viewers since January 2021, particularly the advertiser’s coveted 25-54 demographic, according to analytics provided by Nielsen Media Research.

Nicolle Wallace’s Ratings Tanking After Trump Left The White House

To say this is bad news for the former George W. Bush administration official-turned “Resistance” hero would be an understatement.

Though Wallace seems to have worked overtime to attract a Democrat-leaning audience, the truth is she is not attracting much of any audience.

Wallace’s total viewership in May is less than half of her total January viewership.

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Greenwald Explains The Fall

Progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald has constantly lampooned the very notion that Wallace is a host on the leftwing network.

Greenwald tweeted in February, also referring to Wallace’s former hawkish or “neocon” brethren, “Neocons like Bill Kristol & David Frum, and Bush/Cheney operatives like Nicolle Wallace & Rick Wilson, haven’t changed in the slightest.”

“They believe everything they believed back when they were hated by liberals,” he added. “They’re beloved by liberals now because US liberalism has changed.”

Greenwald has a point. During the time that President Trump spoke out against “endless wars,” the old pro-war Bush-Cheney-style neoconservatives became regular fixtures on leftwing MSNBC.

Greenwald was right that “US liberalism has changed.”

Earlier this month, Greenwald accused Wallace of intentionally reporting disinformation.

“Look at almost every media debacle and disinformation campaign of the Trump era and you’ll find Nicolle Wallace as a key, central player,” Greenwald tweeted.

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How Long Can Wallace Last?

Now that Democrats own the Senate, House, and the presidency, Wallace’s show is apparently a little less interesting to a lot more people.

Her station seemingly piggybacked on Trump for so long that when attacking him every day no longer proved to be a viable business model, the ratings reflected it.

How long her Nicolle Wallace’s show stays on the air in the current news environment is anyone’s guess.


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  • Agreed. When he ran years ago the press tried to dig up dirt on him and found nothing. Truly a stand up guy. Anyone who collects and restores old Volvo’s is ok in my book.

  • I never feel sorry for a RINO especially one from Busch/Cheney administration. I forgot about the King of RINOs Colin Powell who went in to hiding after voting for Biden.

  • Anyone noticed that the raspy, querlous voice of Ratchel Madcow has declined, she is being heard less these days...TDS was prosperous and also is proving to be poisonous to those infected.....

  • Like most of her ilk she has no brains but at least she still almost has her looks. I say, if she still wants to keep her fame maybe she should move to LA and start doing porn

  • If the left has such outstanding impartial truth seeking journalists, explain WHY these networks' viewership is less than half what it was last year? It's not just Trump. People are tired of a propagandist media that only agrees with far left ideology and does absolutely ZERO investigative reporting. Just tired of being lied to constantly.

  • Why would we watch Nicole Wallace? She is not even attractive and it has been some time since she could draw men's eyes. Furthermore, her tone is always snarky and negative. I hate being lectured by someone I profoundly disagree with. She gives me nothing to watch that I didn't already know from Fox and other, better sources. Watching her hour is as exciting as watching state news like PBS.

  • Anyone that tunes into Nicole Wallace show is in need of professional help. This lady is in a world of her own.

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