Will The White House Celebrate The Price Of July 4th Cookouts Again This Year? (It’s Up 17%)

Don't expect the White House to send out a celebratory tweet again this year bragging about the cost of a 4th of July cookout.
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Don’t expect the White House to send out a celebratory tweet again this year bragging about the cost of a 4th of July cookout.

Data from the Consumer Price Index compiled by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates the price for items typically seen at an Independence Day BBQ has ballooned.

According to the New York Post, a cookout for a family of four could cost on average $76.94, up from $65.46 last year.

You know, back when the White House was bragging about the Biden economic plan working because cookouts from the year before that were 16 cents cheaper.

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The Embarrassing 4th of July Cookout Tweet

Y’all remember that famous tweet, right? The one where the White House posted a nifty little video that showed marginal savings on 4th of July cookout staple items amounting to a grand total of 16 cents?

And they drove home their point using juvenile puns?

“Ketchup on the news,” they wrote. “Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working.”

Except it wasn’t working then, and it sure as heck isn’t working now.

After celebrating 16-cent savings in 2021, the White House can now tweet about 4th of July cookouts costing on average $11.48 more. That’s only a 7,275% swing when you think about it.

We’d like to offer some helpful advice if they’d like to try and caption one again this year with little funny comments anyway. Here we go …

Mis-steaks were made.

Your bank account is getting grilled.

Biden is just winging it.

He’s truly the würst.

Biden Bragging Backfires

Supporters of President Biden tend to jump the gun when they have fleeting moments of success. That 16-cent savings from last year’s 4th of July cookout has surely gone up in smoke since then.

Gas prices, for instance on July 4th, 2021 were a national average of $3.13 per gallon. Today, they hover around the $5 mark. One gallon of gas today wipes out the potential savings from about 11 barbecues in 2021.

That reminds me of another epic failure by Democrats to try and hail Biden as a savior for knocking a few cents off the price of something.

Remember the time the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) was mocked from all sides following a tweet in which they praised President Biden for lowering gas prices by two cents?

Man, who knew that when we were saving 16 cents on cookouts and 2 cents on gas those would be the good ol’ days of the Biden administration?

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