WikiLeaks Drops Thousands Of ‘Verified’ Emails From Macron Campaign

Jacob Bojesson on July 31, 2017

WikiLeaks released more than 20,000 emails Monday related to Emmanuel Macron’s recent presidential campaign in France.

The release comes almost three months after Macron’s campaign was hacked two days before his election. The site released more than 71,000 emails — 21,075 of which have been verified through “domain keys,” the organization said in a statement. The documents range between March 2009 and April 24, 2017.

Macron’s campaign issued a statement May 5 saying a major hack had put thousands of emails and internal communication at risk. The hack did not reveal any smoking guns and Macron went on to beat populist Marine Le Pen in a landslide vote two days later. (RELATED: Macron’s Popularity Takes A Hit Following Rough Month)

An investigation into the hack concluded that it was the result of “an isolated incident” that could have been carried out by anyone.

“The attack was so generic and simple that it could have been practically anyone,” Guillaume Poupard, the head of France’s cyber security agency Anssi, told the Associated Press June 1.

It was originally believed that a Russian group known as APT28 was behind the hack. APT28 is blamed for a number of similar hacks, including the U.S. presidential election last fall.

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