Another day, another leaked email showing collusion between the White House and the Clinton campaign in dealing with fallout from Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal.

Clinton communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, in a heated exchange with former aide Phillipe Reines, explained that she had already contacted the White House to assist in “prepping” a response for the email scandal.

In the email, Palmieri wrote, “Told Eric he should call Philippe to help with prepping Josh.”

The Eric she is referring to is Deputy Press Secretary, Eric Schultz, while Josh is White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

The collusion is two-fold – Palmieri had already discussed a plan with Schultz, and then told him to contact Reines in an attempt to “prep” Obama’s press secretary.


Earnest did indeed address the media regarding the email scandal that very day.

In the same email exchange, aides complained that leaks coming from their campaign had created “trust issues” for Hillary, something Palmieri took as a personal affront to her own career.

“This is creating trust problems on her end,” Reines bemoaned.

Palmieri angrily responded by forwarding the messages to John Podesta saying, “I am telling you right now that if there is any hint of trust issues with me, I am not taking this job.”

“Chill,” Podesta responded, “Remember the source of the email got us in this hot mess.”

No sir, it was your candidate’s illegal handling of classified material that created the ‘hot mess’ in the first place.

The trust issues don’t solely involve Hillary – they also involve the White House, the Obama administration, and the President himself.

Knowing now that the two groups worked to coordinate their responses won’t help earn back the trust of the American people any time soon.

Comment: Do you think the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama administration worked together to craft their response to the scandal? Do you think that’s right? Share your thoughts below.