WHOA! After John Boehner Attacked Ted Cruz, Conservative Hero Mike Lee Did THIS!

Mike Lee

Top Senate conservative Mike Lee came to the defense of his friend Sen. Ted Cruz in the wake of attacks from former Speaker John Boehner calling Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.” Sen. Lee called into the Mark Levin Show on Thursday when Boehner’s “vile” comments were first reported. He told Levin, “I am livid” – and you could tell by the sound of his voice that he was!

Sen. Lee went off on Boehner and Trump:

I’m appalled that John Boehner would do this. I’ve bit my tongue, I’ve held my tongue for years on John Boehner even when I disagreed with him because I respected him as a person and I respected his office enough to not call him out on it personally. I expressed disagreement with his policies but I never ridiculed him personally. The fact that he has done this is appalling and he should be ashamed of himself and I demand that he apologize.

But more importantly, Mark. This is a wake up call to the American people. This is a wake up call to people who are supporting Donald Trump, thinking that he’s the guy who’s going to rail against the establishment—he’s not. He is the establishment. He’s the golfing buddy, the texting buddy, of John Boehner. The same guy who praises Hillary Clinton, who praises Bernie Sanders. So if you’re out there thinking that Donald Trump is somehow going be the guy who takes down the establishment, think again because quite the opposite is true.

Sen. Lee had a message for the voters of Indiana, “You can show your support for Ted Cruz and your revulsion for this vile statement that John Boehner has made.”

This is what conservatives have been saying for months about the Republican primary. Cruz is the true conservative, anti-establishment candidate and Trump is an establishment wildcard. Just more evidence, this time courtesy of Sen. Mike Lee.

Listen to the full interview here:

H/T Conservative Review

What do you think – should Boehner apologize for his comments about Cruz? And is Trump the real establishment candidate in the GOP race? Sound off below!

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