Whoa! Fiorina SLAMS Trump in New GQ Article, Compares Trump to Obama


Carly Fiorina says President Barack Obama and Republican rival Donald Trump share one trait: They both fight dirty.

Fiorina sat down with GQ magazine for an in-depth interview in which the former Hewlett-Packard CEO also said she’s “encouraged by the momentum” provided by her performance in the Fox News debate.

Unfortunately, I think she weighed in too early and reacted to the bait question set before her. I grade that a fail, especially since she ran an F500 company.

If Fiorina cannot tell the difference between a master business negotiator who tells it like it is, and a divisive, destructive socialist babbler who began his Presidency with a string of ridiculous ‘teachable moments’ and then went on to obsessively call half of America stealth racists, then she is no ‘outsider.’

Can’t you see it now? Fiorina goes after Trump at the next debate? He will simply look at her and say “I created 1000s of jobs in my businesses…..you fired 30,000 people when you ran a business.” The cheers and applause will be loud and Carly’s “rebuttal” will be weak and half-hearted as she tries to explain how everything bad that happened at H-P “wasn’t my fault, it was the Board of Directors!”



Let’s remember at the beginning of all this mess – prior to the debates – Trump was being interviewed and was asked “what he thought of Carly ” Trump responded “I have never met Carly, she seems nice, she is very a good business woman that was screwed over by cronyism ”

During the debate – Carly dumped on Trump first with her reference to the Clinton call – even after the RNC stated that the discussion was not going to be geared around bashing other candidates.

She could have turned that situation around and responded better at the debate but she bashed him when she answered Martha McCallum’s bait question.

The next day Carly jumped on the “war on women” bandwagon social justice warriors had created slamming Trump’s comment about Megyn Kelly.

You have to think was she misdirected by her advisors, or worse yet, it came off the cuff in a moment of emotions. When she kept out of the “personal” arena she was fine, Cruz and Carson are the only ones left from the fray that have not piled on.

Can she recover? I’d say it’s not too late if she doesn’t dig the pit deeper. Leave your thoughts in the comment section and share this on your Twitter/Facebook wall for discussion.

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