Whoa! Did Donald Trump Just Make a Huge Mistake on Syrian Refugee Invasion?

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What’s happening in Europe as the refugee invasion heats up, in my opinion, is the single biggest news story of the year. You wouldn’t know it by watching mainstream media, but what we’re seeing in Europe is a full-on transfer of the Muslim world from the Middle East and North Africa into Europe and the west.

It’s an incredibly dangerous situation that threatens the fabric of free societies. It threatens Christianity; it threatens free markets, and it promises to collapse economies. Why anyone would be comfortable with the invasion from Syria is beyond me.

The people over at RightScoop.com called out Trump for changing his mind and alerted others while placing the “flip flop” tag on him immediately. Trump needs to be careful on this topic. It has the potential to cancel out his entire position on border security and illegal immigration. That’s not something he can afford. For instance, on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor,” Trump said he worries about some in the group and that a secure screening process would be necessary, but “something has to be done,” he said. “It’s an unbelievable humanitarian problem.” That position seems to stand in stark contrast to Trump’s tough illegal immigration policy. He advocates building a massive wall across the U.S.-Mexico border and said all illegal immigrants need to leave the country. He said that Europe has become a “much different place” with the increase in Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, but you can’t ignore them based on humanitarian grounds.

In my view, this is a bizarre and damning position for Trump to take, and he needs go get out in front of this now rather than later.

America can’t afford these refugees or any other ones until we secure the border and get a system in place for the 30 million illegals we have now.

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