White House Again Labels Half The Nation ‘Extremists’ Ahead Of Biden Prime Time Speech

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Tonight President Joe Biden is giving a prime-time speech from Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ahead of the midterm elections.

With the President recently dropping word bombs like calling MAGA Republicans “semi-fascists,” there’s no real doubt about what his message will be tonight to the American people.

Yesterday White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked a slew of questions regarding what we can expect to hear. Her answers were not just eye-opening but should be alarming to Republicans and Democrats alike.

Let’s dive into what the face of the White House had to say about the upcoming speech and why we should be concerned as a country. 

Trading In ‘Racist’ For ‘Extremist’

The rhetoric from the left has evolved from labeling those that don’t agree with them as racist to now graduating us to extremists. When asked about tonight’s speech, Ms. Jean-Pierre gave us a glimpse of what is on the President’s mind:

“…the President thinks that there is an extremist threat to our democracy. The President has been clear as he can be on that particular piece.”

What could be this extremist threat lurking in the shadows of our country, lying in wait to tear our democratic institutions to the ground? She goes on:

“When we talk about our democracy, when we talk about our freedoms, the way that he sees it is the MAGA Republicans are the most energized part of the Republican party.”

Oh, now I see where this is going. The big bad MAGA Republicans. And she lands the plane with the following:

“That extreme – this is an extreme threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights.”

Now, you might be wondering, if you are a Republican like myself, what is the difference between a MAGA Republican and a Republican, if anything? 

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Us And Them

Phillip Wegmann of Real Clear News asked if the President sees a difference between MAGA Republicans and Republicans in general.

“When it comes to voters, how does the President differentiate between the ultra-MAGA folks who he sees as an extremist threat to democracy and the average GOP voter?”

After tap dancing around the fact that she can’t speak about voters from the podium, Ms. Jean-Pierre answered:

“I mean the President has been really clear about the leadership – right? – the MAGA Republicans in leadership. They’re the ones who have the platform. They’re the ones who — again, the extremist part of the Republican Party; they’re the ones who, you know, folks listen to in their own party.”

Her statement’s end is telling – “…folks listen to in their own party.” The reality is they don’t differentiate between MAGA Republicans and Republicans; to them, we are all a threat because we disagree with their policies.

74 million people voted for Donald Trump in 2020. They are, by virtue of that vote, “MAGA Republicans.” 

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Not New

This dangerous rhetoric isn’t new to the left. As RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said:

“Joe Biden is the divider-in-chief and epitomizes the current state of the Democratic Party: one of divisiveness, disgust, and hostility towards half the country.”

She’s got a point. It wasn’t that long ago that Financial Times editor Edward Luce tweeted:

“I’ve covered extremism and violent ideologies around the world. I have never come across a political force more nihilistic, dangerous & contemptible than today’s Republicans. Nothing close.”


To make it worse former CIA Director Michael Hayden replied; “I agree.” Really? The Republican Party is the most dangerous and contemptible political force on the planet?

Think about that. We are more dangerous than North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un’s Worker’s Party of Korea, Iran’s Ebrahim Raisi’s Combatant Clergy Association, and Vladimir Putin’s United Russia?

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Soul Of The Nation

The President’s speech during prime time is critical to this strategy. Most of the time, Presidents give speeches during prime time when they are addressing the nation as a whole and when there is a pivotal subject that requires the gravity of such attention. 

When asked why he’s doing this speech during prime time, the answer was he believes:

“We need to save the core values of our country.”

Ms. Jean-Pierre alluded that we can expect a similar theme to the President’s campaign of saving the soul of the nation. That’s interesting that the White House is invoking concepts like the core values of the country and the soul of our nation.

Let’s take a look at that, shall we? I’m sure it’s strategic that the President is speaking at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

The exact location where our Constitution was debated and signed by our founding fathers, setting into motion the greatest experiment in self-governance. One of the fundamental goals of the Constitution was to establish a separation of powers.

What does that mean? It meant that no one branch of government was to accumulate more power than what is laid out in the Constitution. 

Article I, my favorite, assigns the responsibility for making laws to the legislative branch of government. However, Executive Orders have become more prevalent, putting a lot of power in the executive branch. 

President Biden has signed 96 Executive Orders. Suppose he were to clip along with his annual average of 60 Executive Orders. In that case, he will end up signing more Executive Orders than his predecessor. 

Suppose the President wants to address the most significant threat to democracy and the basis of the soul of our country. In that case, he merely needs to look in the mirror.


Karine Jean-Pierre said yesterday:

“…MAGA Republicans are this extreme part of their party, and that is just facts.”

After Biden dropped the F-bomb this past weekend, a local GOP office in Florida was vandalized with graffiti that said, “Eat Shit Fascists.” Words matter. 

If you still aren’t incredibly concerned, think about it this way. The spokesperson for the White House said from the White House podium that the President of the United States plans to speak from Independence Hall, where the Constitution was signed, about how he believes his political opponents are a threat to the country.

As George Orwell wrote in one of my favorite books, 1984:

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

The President and the left’s new definitions of words like fascism are how this begins. To be a fascist to the President is to disagree with the tenets of the left. 

Keep your minds your own while you can because people are starting to believe those in power.

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