White House Press Secretary on Impeachment: ‘History Is Not Going to Look Kindly on These Democrats’

Speaking out on Wednesday morning, Stephanie Grisham also said that Speaker Pelosi 'is being held hostage' by radicals within the party

By Maureen Mackey | December 18, 2019

Stephanie Grisham talked to the hosts of “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday morning — a day on which the House is voting on the rules for the impeachment debate against President Donald Trump.

After debate, a full vote may be taken later today or tonight on impeachment.

“Today is a very, very sad day for this country,” said Grisham. “And history is not going to look kindly on these Democrats led by the likes of [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi, [Rep. Adam] Schiff, [Rep. Jerry] Nadler and [Sen. Chuck] Schumer.”

“This is a sad day,” she added. “And [the president] wanted to make sure that he put down exactly what they’re doing [in a letter to the speaker]. A president is about to be impeached for partisan political reasons. And that alone.”

Said co-host Steve Doocy at that point, in part, “But we know that the Democrats ultimately will not win because the president will not be removed from office. So why is Nancy Pelosi pushing this thing?”

“I think that she’s being held hostage by a very, very radical group within the Democratic Party,” replied Grisham. “And I think that she was pressured to do so. She overplayed her hand and now she has to see it through. I think that she would have been called out by that party, that group in her party. And I think she had to go forward with it.”

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Asked Ainsley Earhardt of Grisham, “Do you know if she was ever concerned that this might backfire? Did they ever have those discussions?”

“I think that absolutely it’s backfiring already if you’ve seen the polls,” Grisham replied. “Americans are not interested in this. Americans know that this president is working for them. We’ve got the results to prove it. When you consider the economy, USMCA, military, jobs, the work he’s doing on behalf of veterans — he is such a focused president. I must tell you that while he’s frustrated, as evidenced by that letter yesterday, he is also so focused and he is leading our White House and keeping us calm and telling us that [it’s] OK, we’re going to move forward.”

“We’re focused. This is going to take us through to 2020.”

Brian Kilmeade at that point mentioned that yes, the president is “moving forward, obviously meeting with the Guatemalan leader yesterday. He’s got a busy agenda with the trade deals that he’s cut. But I also see that he said in the letter it’s been hard on his family. I was surprised by that. Can you shed some light on that?”

Grisham said, “Absolutely. This family, this entire Trump family, when you look at the president, the first lady, Jared, Ivanka, Eric, Lara and Don, they are so focused and they love this country so much. And all of them have been working on behalf of this country. The president, as you know, all that he does, Mrs. Trump, with the work she’s been doing on behalf of children — [and] Ivanka and Jared both work very hard in the White House. And Eric, Lara and Don working very hard outside the White House. And they get raked over the coals every single day, yet they, as the president [does], they stay focused and they continue to work, but it can’t be easy for them.”

“I mean, again, they’re working so hard,” added Grisham. “They didn’t ask for this. They were a wildly successful family before this started. And yet they continue to do this because they love this country.”

Doocy noted that Vice President Mike Pence went to Capitol Hill on Tuesday. He also said, “Apparently you’re looking at having three attorneys defending the president in the Senate trial. Pat Cipollone is mentioned as perhaps somebody who would give the opening speech on the president’s behalf. Alan Dershowitz is mentioned, Jay Sekulow is mentioned … Could you just tell us whether or not plans are being made for the president’s representation in the Senate trial?”

“Certainly plans are being made,” Grisham noted. “I’m not going to get ahead of the legal strategy just yet. I don’t want to tip our hand, but plans are being made. And I think that right now … the president is weighing especially what is best for the country.”

“If we go into a long trial, is that what’s good for the country? We’re not sure yet. So we’ll see what happens.”

“But he will be represented very, very well. And at the end of the day, he did nothing wrong,” she added.

“And that is all that really matters.”

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This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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