It’s not a stretch to say that the job of White House Press Secretary may be the toughest job in all of Washington, D.C. On a daily basis, they are sent out to do battle with the liberal media, often without all of the information available to him. It’s a job few people envy, but one that is essential for pushing out the president’s message.

President Donald J. Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, has an even more challenging job, given how hostile the liberal media has been to this administration. Despite the brutal, daily attacks the pro-Democrat media levels against Trump, Spicer doesn’t waver and it appears to be paying off.

According to a survey by the ratings company Nielsen, Spicer’s briefings can draw over 4 million daily views, an astronomical number for a press briefing that occurs in the middle of the day.

From The Washington Examiner:

A Nielsen survey for Secrets of two weeks of ratings from CNN, MSNBC and Fox News put Spicer’s average daily viewership at 3.64 million, higher on newsy days to 4.5 million viewers. And Yahoo told us that Spicer’s online audience sometimes averages 600,000 a day, and at least 3 million a week. “We’d definitely consider these good, and certainly fair to say the briefings have found an audience on Yahoo,” said a spokeswoman.

Spicer’s White House briefings draw fans of his media put downs and critics of his daily Trump defense. And his recent Hitler flub, which drew resignation calls from Democratic leaders, but an understanding shrug from many reporters, especially after a day-long apology tour on TV, won’t hurt his ratings.

“Conflict makes for great television,” said Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center. “It’s no secret that the liberal media despise President Trump. His spokesman Sean Spicer is pushing back — hard. The media have never been slapped around like this. It doesn’t matter which side you’re on, it is most entertaining,” he added.

Prior to joining the White House, Spicer served as the communications director for the Republican National Committee, and was tasked with taking on the liberal media on a daily basis.

During 8 years of Barack Obama’s administration, the majority of the press would toss softball questions to the president’s press secretary, making the daily briefing less than desirable viewing. Things have certainly changed now that the White House has a press secretary willing to do battle with the liberal media.

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