With Anthony Scaramucci out, the White House is left without a communications director.

In a vicious media environment, an Administration without a communications lead is easy prey for the bloodthirsty sharks known as journalists. The media wants nothing more than to draw the President’s blood, and they’re circling the White House, hoping to tear off a few more pieces of Trump.

That’s why the Trump Administration is rushing to fill the top communications role. The lingering question is: who?

There are two names swirling around Washington, rumored to be the top candidate for the job.

The first is former Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Newsmax is reporting that Spicer’s close relationship to newly minted Chief of Staff John Kelly could land him the job:

Spicer was known to oppose Scaramucci’s appointment. Newly minted White House Chief of Staff John Kelly reportedly insisted on Scaramucci’s exit Monday and is considered friendly to Spicer.

Meanwhile, The Daily Caller is reporting that Kellyanne Conway, current counsel to the President, is most likely to succeed Scaramucci:

There is chatter within the White House that Kellyanne Conway is being looked at as the next communications director, a White House insider told The Daily Caller.

I think either would be a great choice. Spicer wasn’t quick enough on his feet to be a great press secretary, but he understands the need for a coherent message.

Judging by her TV appearances, Conway is a no-nonsense woman who knows how to smack down unfair media attacks.

Whomever he chooses, I hope President Trump picks the person most suited for making sure his agenda is fully implemented.

Who do you think would be a better communications director? Spicer or Conway? Tell us below in the comments section, and share this story with your friends and family on social media!

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