When Donald Trump Blasted Politicians Who Want ‘Endless War,’ He Was Talking About Mitt Romney

When Trump Blasted Politicians Who Want 'Endless War," He Was Talking About Romney

In 2020, President Donald Trump told the graduating class at West Point that “We are ending the era of endless wars,” referring specifically to the U.S.’s then-nearly two decade military presence in Afghanistan.

Trump was working to bring America’s troops home.

Throughout his presidency, Trump maintained that it was the Washington establishment that wanted to keep America at war abroad forever.

Trump was talking about establishment politicians like Mitt Romney, which was made clear in a series of tweets from the Utah senator this week.

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Romney Thinks Being In Afghanistan For 20 Years Is Not Enough

Now that President Joe Biden is fulfilling Trump’s legacy with the – at least partial – withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan on September 11th of this year, a move Trump fully supports but wishes they would come home sooner as he originally planned, Sen. Romney finds this to be a terrible development.

Romney tweeted on Wednesday, “Six months. The Afghan government is estimated to collapse six months after a withdrawal of U.S. troops. Politics should never come before our national security interests.”

Romney added, “The President must reconsider his plan to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan by September.”

Then Romney tweeted again, “We need to fully evaluate the conditions on the ground and consider the policy and potential legal consequences of our reduced presence in the region before rushing to withdraw troops and capabilities, and considering the repeal of authorizations for use of military force.”

Then, another tweet, “This is one reason why having a public hearing on the authorizations for use of military force in Iraq is so important.”

“We need to hear from @StateDept & @DeptOfDefense officials before making seemingly rushed decisions that could impact national security,” Sen. Romney insisted.

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When Trump Attacked Politicians Who Want ‘Forever War,’ He Was Talking About People Like Romney

Romney is the poster child for endless wars.

Two observations: If Afghanistan collapses after 20 years of U.S. military occupation, what were those two decades supposed to accomplish to begin with? 

Also, if two decades of U.S. military occupation in that country is not long enough to accomplish whatever imaginary goals Romney has in mind, how much longer does he and other hawks in Congress believe America should stay?

The answer? Endlessly. “Forever wars,” as Trump called them.

No more. Bring our troops home.

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