We Need To Suspend ALL Asylum Cases And Close Borders Until Issue Is Fixed!

If there were 11-20 million unarrested home intruders living in this country, would the Democrats say we had a law enforcement crisis? How about 11-20 million bank robbers who have never been arrested living in the country?

Naaaah..no law enforcement crisis, right?

President Trump has tried to alert the country on the problem of illegal immigration, only to be blocked by Republicans and Democrats in Congress from protecting the American people. Trump asked for $26 billion and Congress wouldn’t give it to him. They gave him $1.3 billion in 2017 and another $1.375 billion just a few weeks ago, but they give other countries $10 billion and more for their security.

New numbers are coming to light and Americans are learning of a spike in February border apprehensions while Border Patrol is raising their voices for help.

The Washington Post reports:

The number of people taken into custody along the Mexico border jumped an additional 31 percent last month as an unprecedented mass migration of families from Central America pushes unauthorized crossings to the highest levels in a decade, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection figures released Tuesday.

Last month, the shortest of the year, was the busiest February at the border since 2007, officials said, with authorities detaining 76,103 migrants, up from 58,207 in January. The percentage of migrants who arrived as part of a family group also reached a new peak, with 40,325 parents and children taken into custody, a 67 percent leap from the previous month.

“The system is well beyond capacity and remains at a breaking point,” Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan, the nation’s top border security official, told reporters Tuesday afternoon.

Here we go, just in time, we have data showing it is a crisis, yet the Dems and their trolls and sheep will keep saying there is no issue, just let all these people all walk across our border. We have, for the first time in history, lost control of our immigration system.

The bottom line is we need to suspend asylum and close all borders to immigration until this issue is brought under control. The US can’t continue to take in people in these numbers. Why have the Dems not enacted strict new laws to

  • Mandatory prison terms for any person or corporation that hires an illegal worker in any capacity. Applies to the hiring manager, HR and the entire chain of command up to the Chairman of the board in corporations. No exceptions or exclusions.
  • Maximum of 3 days to prove legal right to be in the US, if not met, immediate deportation
  • Anyone harboring, aiding abetting or providing comfort to any illegal in the country is assisting in the commission of a crime. Mandatory prison terms – applies to clergy, elected positions, and permanent government employees.
  • Any government employee and their supervisor are required to make restitution for any tax money authorized to support any illegal – confiscate assets and mandatory minimum jail time.
  • Any politician or other public employee engaging in sedition gets a 20-year prison term if convicted.

Just 25 years ago we had little to no fencing anywhere on the border. Then Central America had just as many problems as now, but because no state or local part of the U.S. would employ or give any services to any illegal alien, they would not come in much as they do today. The few who did lived well in the shadows in small numbers. Now too many are coming because we incentive them to come.

Build that wall, Trump! I predict SCOTUS will approve it. Meanwhile, we need to reform the issues that cause so many to break into out country.

This is not a hard issue to solve – take the action and the problem will go away. The cost of implementation will be far lower than supporting millions of uneducated, unqualified people who refuse to assimilate.