Report: Keystone Pipeline Could Generate Billions in Tax Revenue

Liberal heads are exploding daily over this project, but pace yourselves, liberals! America’s moving towards energy independence whether you like it or not.

The Keystone Pipeline that Barack Obama didn’t want to approve and President Donald Trump gave the go ahead to build won’t just create jobs and help our energy needs.

It could possibly net $44 million in tax revenues “daily,” when it’s fully up and running according to Kimberly VanWyhe, energy policy director at the American Action Forum. For taxpayers, that’s $1.6 billion a year.

The pipeline is a gusher, in so many words. It’s expected to carry 830k barrels of oil from Canada to the refineries on the Gulf coast at $53 per barrel.

Source: Daily Caller

“The expected economic, environmental, and strategic benefits of the Keystone pipeline outweigh its costs,” Kimberly VanWyhe, energy policy director at the American Action Forum, wrote in the report. “After nearly 9 years and more than $180 billion in lost economic activity, the Trump administration has demonstrated a commitment to move it forward.”

“The State Department noted that the new pipeline will support at least 42,100 jobs and create 50 permanent jobs of which 35 will be full time and 15 will be temporary contractors,” VanWyhe wrote. “The State Department report also stated that these jobs will account for nearly $2 billion in wages which would average approximately $47,000 per employee.”

Obama spent all that time telling Americans why Keystone pipeline was dead on arrival, and nobody really knew the magnitude of the jobs and money he left on the table. President Trump knew it, and made it possible to get it moving to help make America truly great again.

For the ill informed: When a corporation, city, or sometimes a private citizen wants access to federal land, consideration such as cash or in-kind services is accepted. Cash that the agency receives is used to pay government services such as salaries, equipment, and environmental damage – such as the $100 million in damage done by “environmentalists” at the Keystone Pipeline. Indirectly this continues services, keeps taxes lower and provides activities to the general public.

Get a grip! Keystone is a great thing!

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