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Wayne Dupree’s Top People That Changed the Course of U.S. History

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George S. Patton

I served eight years in the military, but they dwarf the commitment and work of Army General George Smith Patton, Jr. Patton was a winner that didn’t take a backseat to anybody, and I think that angered some politicians and even a President.

Patton commanded the Seventh United States Army in World War II, but his claim to fame is leading the Third United States Army in France and Germany following the Allied invasion of Normandy.

I am not too much into conspiracies but there was a rumor that Patton was murdered on the orders of the U.S. Army top brass. they felt he was threatening to shame U.S. leaders by revealing a secret deal between America and the Soviet Union that cost 19,000 GI lives.

He will always be known for being a tough leader that helped turn the tide for the United States of America.

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