Soul Singer Wayne Cochran Dies

CIRCA 1960s: Flamboyant soul singer Wayne Cochran performs with his backing group the C.C. Riders circa the late-1960s. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Soul singer Wayne Cochran died at his home in Miami on November 21st. But his son has just confirmed his death to the media. The 81-year-old crooner was suffering from cancer.

Born in Thomaston, Georgia, Cochran decided to pursue a career in music, moving to Macon. He cited James Brown and Otis Redding as chief influences on his unique style.

And here’s another interesting fact: Cochran became a pastor after leaving show business.

The singer was best known for his boisterous personality and on-stage antics. His most well-known song was “Last Kiss”:

Wow! That definitely takes me back to many middle school dances! “Last Kiss” has been covered by many other acts over the years, including J. Frank Wilson and Pearl Jam.

You can also watch Cochran’s incredible stage presence in the video below:

What an incredible entertainer! Just look at how he moves with such precision and craft! Few singers today put that much effort into their performance. Cochran knew how to treat his audience.

Many people took notice of Cochran’s ability to enrapture audiences, including Elvis Presley. From the Daily Mail: “His white pompadour quiff hairstyle, extravagant outfits and gravely vocals even gave influence to a Elvis Presley, who adopted a similar style in the latter stages of his career.”

The similarities are unmistakable. Take a look below:

Wayne Cochran

(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Elvis Presley

(Photo by Steve Morley/Redferns)

I’ll say this: If Cochran was a good enough singer for Elvis to emulate, than he was good enough for anyone. You don’t get to be one of The King’s favorites without having some skill. What an amazing talent we’ve lost.

Cochran’s family could user our prayers at this time. This death must be very difficult for them.

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