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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Gives ULTIMATE Breakdown Of DMZ Meeting! Trump Towering, Jong Un “Wheezing”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson gave a lengthy description of what he saw when President Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the DMZ on Sunday.

Trump became the first U.S. President to walk over the DMZ into North Korea and he was very happy and appeared very strong, towering over Jong Un. Carlson claimed that Kim seemed to be “wheezing” as if he was an “emphysema” patient.

Tucker’s analysis gave a new perspective to what happened on Sunday morning that many hadn’t heard, but it is refreshing to know that President Trump once again showed leadership.

Does anyone remember what Barack Obama did? He looked out over the DMZ with binoculars.

Trump did what no other POTUS could muster the courage to do. He asked Kim to meet him on a social level; not a political one. Trump’s gesture to Kim on this occasion may do more to further the end of the Korean conflict than anything else.

Here are a few excerpts of Tucker’s in-depth interview:

Carlson: “Our president met with the North Korean leader, basically, with relatively few people watching. They kind of almost, like a movie scene, met after walking toward one another — actually to the border. They shook hands … then both of them came back and kind of stood there, about three feet away from us and talked,” he said.

“Kim struck me as — he’s a hard character. there’s no question about that — maybe a little off his game. I don’t think he’s surrounded by people he doesn’t control very often – wheezing like an emphysema patient, not a healthy guy. But, basically, he struck me as kind of self-contained. Trump was about as happy as I’ve ever seen him because it really is something that hasn’t been done before and probably would not have been done without him, and his very different style of governing and thinking.”


“My sense … just standing there for an hour watching — I think he was probably a little bit overwhelmed by Trump who towers over him and who is a very large man,” Carlson added. “He seemed to kind of dominate him and there was a kind of magnetism and real aggression to Trump, so it didn’t feel exactly like peers. It felt like maybe an older brother-younger brother kind of situation.” [Fox News]


I am sure that Obama, who was awarded the (undeserved) Nobel Peace prize in 2009 after eight months of his “residency” for absolutely nothing, would have never dared to meet the North Korean president on his own turf. Trump is actually working hard at peace and yet doesn’t get any credit for it from the fake news or the liberals.

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History will tell who made more progress at actual world peace.

What I am saying and probably many of you will agree, Democrats in America don’t appreciate the efforts that Trump has done with North Korea, but rest assured, the Japanese do since they no longer have missiles flying over their country. Obama did nothing, except have binoculars.

This is just another Trump decision sending liberals into convulsions on a daily basis.