I Can’t Believe What This Protester Did To Prove How Much He Hates Trump

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Donald Trump rallies have certainly had their share of colorful people. Most protesters are harmless, while others have delved into fighting, violence, or even rushing the stage in an attempt to attack the Republican frontrunner.

Tyler Baggins, a resident of Janesville, Wisconsin, falls into the former group of colorful protesters. What makes him stand out however, is perhaps the greatest protesting fail in the history of political events.

For some unknown reason, Baggins decided he was so angered by Trump supporters that he had to do a backflip to demonstrate his animosity. He flawlessly executed the backflip and stuck the landing … with his face.

First, some background – a line of protesters formed to meet Trump in Janesville for his rally:

Wisconsin is a critical primary state to be held on Tuesday, with Trump and Ted Cruz polling neck and neck.

The protesters were clashing with Trump supporters in Janesville, and police were forced to put up a fence to separate the two groups.

That’s when Baggins stepped in, calling one supporter a “fat b**ch” and then going all Nadia Comaneci for the crowd.

Check this out …


Not sure about you, but I personally can’t get enough of hearing the thud and then this guy immediately jumping up and saying “I did that on purpose.”

Comedy. Gold.

Turns out Baggins is a Bernie Sanders supporter but has decided to ‘abstain’ from voting this year.

Via GazetteXtra:

Tyler Baggins, a Janesville native and Madison resident, did a back flip for a group of Trump supporters, claiming the entire show was a circus.

He was on the fence about whether he was going to vote for Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump and came to the rally to see if it was as bad as the media portrayed it. After only a few minutes in line, people started saying racist things, and Baggins bailed, he said.

“I’ve been trying to convince myself that he’s not Hitler for like six months,” Baggins said. “I’ve been trying to convince myself that he’s not all bad. I wanted to come out here and see that it’s not that bad, but it’s worse than I thought.

“These people are delusional. They’re crazy,” he said.

Baggins said he’ll abstain from voting this election.

Based on this performance, we suggest Baggins employ abstinence in other aspects of his life as well.

Comment: Are anti-Trump protesters losing their minds because of Trump’s success, or is this their natural state? Share your thoughts below.

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