A heckler at a Trump rally stepped up during a Q&A session and defended illegal immigrants, but the GOP’s presidential frontrunner responded beautifully.

The heckler, whom Trump labeled a “Bernie plant,” said that “illegal immigrants are the ‘backbone’ of America.”

Trump’s response (via The Hill):

“Oh, illegal immigrants are the backbone of our country? I don’t think so, darling,” Trump replied. “I don’t think so. I don’t think so. No, I don’t think so. They’re not the backbone.”

“Let me just tell you something. Let me just tell you something,” he added. “You know what the backbone of our country [is]? People that came here, and they came here legally — people that came here to this country legally, and they worked their ass off, and they made this country great.”

The crowd erupted in cheers after Trump’s response.

Watch the video below …

Comment: Is Trump right? Isn’t it the legal immigrants who became American citizens, as well as those Americans already living in our country, that are the backbone of America? Isn’t illegal immigration actually breaking the back of Americans from an economic standpoint?

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