WATCH: Trump Announces Details for His Plan to ‘Shatter the Deep State’ and Drain the Swamp

Presidential candidate Donald Trump announced his plan to finally 'drain the swamp' in Washington, D.C., and return power back to the American people by cleaning out what he calls the 'Deep State.'
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Presidential candidate Donald Trump announced his plan to finally ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, D.C., and return power back to the American people by cleaning out what he calls the ‘Deep State.’

The Republican nominee surely views his inability to clean up Washington by removing career bureaucrats who eventually turned their back on America by taking down his presidency as one of his biggest regrets.

As such, he launched a video in which he described his plan to rectify the situation should he win the presidency again in 2024.

The plan includes “firing rogue bureaucrats and career politicians” and “targeting government corruption.”

“This plan will also end the ongoing weaponization of the justice system that targets its political enemies simply because of their political or religious beliefs,” Trump explains.


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Trump Plans to Finally Drain the Swamp

Trump’s plan to ‘drain the swamp’ needs to be implemented on day one. It should have been implemented on day one of his first term. Hopefully, this time around, lesson learned.

The new plan does state that on “day one,” Trump will re-issue a 2020 executive order “restoring the president’s authority to fire rogue bureaucrats.”

Trump also claims he will “overhaul federal departments and agencies” by “firing all of the corrupt actors in our National Security and Intelligence apparatus.”

Trump’s plan calls for massive reform of the FISA courts, declassifying and publishing all documents on Deep State spying, censorship, and abuses of power, launching a crackdown on government leakers who collude with the media, and implementing term limits for members of Congress.

“This is how I will shatter the deep state and restore government that is controlled by the people and for the people,” he declares.

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Trump’s Latest Plan

During his current campaign, Donald Trump has largely eschewed the massive rallies that became a staple of his previous runs, and instead has opted for campaign videos to get his message out. Of course, it’s still pretty early in the race.

Last month, he released a video announcing a seven-point plan to combat rising crime in America, including a “record” investment in police officers and a return to stop-and-frisk preventative measures.

Trump also posted several other campaign videos, one demanding Congress investigate the FBI’s role in using Twitter to control information and sway elections, and another announcing a free speech policy platform that seeks to ‘dismantle and destroy’ left-wing censorship.

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Earlier this year, the former President announced his vision for saving American education and giving “control of schools back to parents.”

Trump promised to cut federal funding for schools that push critical race theory or extreme gender ideology on their students.

He also called for an Education Department civil rights investigation into race-based discrimination and an ‘aggressive’ pursuit of freedom of religion violations in schools.

A recent Emerson survey shows Trump with a massive lead for the GOP nomination and indicates he is the only Republican candidate who leads President Joe Biden in a hypothetical 2024 matchup.

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