With all of the Republican presidential debates tending to descend towards low-level insults and in-fighting, it’s nice to catch a tender moment shared between one candidate and his daughter.

Such was the case with Ted Cruz, who spent a commercial break during the debate to dance a little bit with his daughter.

Via the Daily Caller:

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is often attacked as “cold” for his debate style. However, Cruz showed a softer side during a commercial break at CNN’s GOP debate Thursday.

CNN Director of Social Publishing, Ashley Codianni, tweeted a video of Cruz twirling his daughter around on stage during a commercial break.

Here is the video:

Most candidates spend their commercial breaks running to the bathroom, meeting with their campaign team, or getting touched up for the cameras.

Instead, Cruz spent some well-earned play time with his daughter.

Here is another angle:

No matter how you feel about his presidential campaign, Ted Cruz has shown us in a small way what’s really important at the end of the day – family.

Comment: Is Ted Cruz’ portrayal as a ‘cold’ individual a product of the media? Is he actually a more kinder, family-oriented individual than he’s given credit for? Share your thoughts below.

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