Watch: These Students are SHOCKED to Learn the Truth about Hillary Clinton!


In the video above, Lauren Cooley from Turning Point USA, set out to find out what the students on Florida International University campus knew about Hillary Clinton. She asked them two simple questions: “How old is Hillary Clinton?” and “When was the last time she drove a car?”

Answers ranged from 180 years old (a joke) to 27 (PLEASE tell me this kid was confusing her with another Hillary!) The correct answer is 67 years old. The students also presumed she had driven a car within the last year. WRONG! Hillary admitted the last time she drove was in 1996!

Lauren Cooley explained the purpose behind the video to The College Fix:

“Students tend to be uninformed about the candidates they support,” Cooley said in an email to The College Fix. “When confronted with the truth – that Hillary is a career politician and is out of touch with the American people – college students quickly changed their tune and Hillary lost her appeal.”

Cooley said asking students questions they will be surprised to learn the answers to is a good way to help snap them into reality.

“Asking questions is one of the most powerful ways to open someone’s eyes to an idea they may otherwise disagree with because questions often spark a genuine search for the truth,” she stated. “The questions asked in the video forced students to confront the idea that Hillary Clinton may just be a career politician that is out of touch with the average, American citizen.”

How well do you know Hillary? Did you get the answers right? Tell us in the comments below!


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