The New York Times didn’t even correct their story until they were called out on it.

As “The View” women questioned reporters Pogrebin and Kelly, they put the blame on their editors.

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Putting All the Blame on the Editors

“The New York Times ran an excerpt of your book over the weekend in the opinion section that included a new allegation of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh. But you guys left out a key detail; the alleged victim — who you name by name in the book, but you’re not gonna name her here on the show — ‘refused to discuss the incident’ and ‘several of her friends said [that she doesn’t] recall it happening,’” Megan McCain said to the reporters.

“I think this is sort of Ground Zero for why so many people mistrust the media, why The New York Times has the nickname ‘The New York Slimes’ from many people in conservative circles,” continued McCain. “The Times actually had to run an editors’ note following up. How did this vital fact get left out?”


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Kelly again targeted her editors.

“During the editing process there was an oversight, and this key detail about the fact that the woman herself has told friends that she doesn’t remember and has not wanted to talk about it got cut,” she said. “It was an oversight and the Times corrected it and, uh, we’re very sorry that that happened.”

Why Did They Reveal the Alleged Victim’s Name When She Didn’t Want It Known?

McCain then asked the reporters as to why they used the alleged victim’s name in their book despite the fact that this woman told them she did not want her name revealed.

“I understand that the woman didn’t want her name out publicly,” McCain told the reporters. “If not, why is her name in the book?”

“Her name is in the book because we think it’s relevant information,” Kelly responded.

The reported said Kavanaugh’s former classmate, Max Stier, gave them the name. McCain said to the pair, “He’s a Clintonite, right?”

“He did, I understand, work for Williams and Connolly,” confessed Kelly.

“Why wasn’t that in the piece, if we’re talking about credibility?” co-host Abby Huntsman asked.

“Right, uh, I understand it’s relevant background,” responded Kelly. “We didn’t see all of that context to be necessary, but I understand why you’re bringing it up and I think it’s fair.”

McCain also wanted to know why Kelly and Pogrebin were “throwing The New York Times opinion editorial board under the bus.”

“In my experience, I get the final say,” McCain said of the op-eds she’s done for the Times. “So, where was the disconnect there?”

Kelly said the editing process is “a team effort [and] there was just an oversight here.”

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‘Did you guys just miss it?’

“Did you guys just miss it?” pressed co-host Sunny Hostin. “Did you miss that that was so important? You are the authors of the book, did you just miss it … in The New York Times opinion piece?”

“I think actually the way it happened was the Times was concerned about naming her. … In that sentence there was her name, it also had that she didn’t remember it,” Pogrebin said.

“Did you read it right before it went to print?” Hostin asked.

“Ya know, we thought we did,” responded Pogrebin. “And as soon as we realized it, we corrected it.”

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