Republican Rep. Justin Amash, hosting a town hall meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was blasted by a Trump supporter over his unfounded comments that the President should be impeached.

Amash published a Twitter thread days ago, coming to various conclusions on the Russia collusion investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, chief among them that “Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct.”

In doing so, the former Tea Party star and current attention seeker claimed Trump’s ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ were “violat[ing] the public trust.”

One woman, wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, didn’t take kindly to Amash lowering a bar already far-exceeded by previous presidents just to take down Trump.

“You talk about the Constitution and how important that is, but yet nothing that Mueller came out with in this report, nothing that has been said about him and President Trump is constitutional and has been a smear tactic because that’s how the Democrats work,” she argued with Amash.

She then asked the same question on everybody’s mind: “How can you become a Democrat when we voted for you as a Republican because you’ve just drank the same Kool-Aid as all the Democrats.”

Amash Battles Back

Amash countered by saying he has “one of the most constitutionally conservative and fiscally conservative” voting records in Congress.

The Michigan Representative, however, sided with Democrats earlier this year by claiming the President’s national emergency declaration to secure funding for the border wall was unconstitutional.

In March, he bizarrely voted with the opposition party in support of allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote.

Just the Facts

Amash then added a bit of projection, accusing the woman of not “hav[ing] stated any facts.”

That is an interesting accusation when: A) You falsely claim the Mueller report yields evidence of impeachable conduct and B) Then state an easily proven lie.

Amash took a shot at Kevin McCarthy, who blasted him for seeking attention and siding with Nancy Pelosi rather frequently, by alleging the House Minority Leader hadn’t read the full Mueller report.

“You saw what happened to me from our so-called leader, Kevin McCarthy. I read the Mueller report, I’m sure he did not read it,” Amash said without evidence.

CNN reported on May 10th that McCarthy was one of five Republicans who had seen the report.

Amash sounds more like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when it becomes apparent that facts don’t matter, but perceived morals do.