Remember the ‘leftist fight club’ we told you about, a group of socialists training to literally, physically fight Republicans?

Well that group, known as the Knights for Socialism, recently held a fun-filled event in which a pinata with President Trump’s face was bashed with a baseball bat.

It’s not really surprising that the University of Central Florida group used a children’s game to express their feelings about the President. But what is surprising is that they encouraged actual children to participate, with some gleefully asking if they too can “kill Donald Trump.”

You can watch video of the event below (the ‘kill Donald Trump’ portion is at about 9:15) …

Here’s the successful blast that takes down the Trump piñata:

Via the Daily Caller:

A radical group at the University of Central Florida calling themselves the “Knights for Socialism” held an event on Friday where children asked if they could “kill Donald Trump.”

The socialist group organized an event where piñatas, bearing the likeness of Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, and Trump were strung to trees and students encouraged and invited to hit them.

Video, captured by the East Orlando Post, documents a group of children showing up to the event and asking if they can hit the piñatas and if they can also kill Trump.

Sheesh. I’m old enough to remember when liberals thought bashing presidential piñatas was racist.

One of the group members at the event was sporting an “antifa international,” a radical group that has been involved in rioting and violence nationwide, including most recently at UC Berkeley.

A petition has been started to declare the violent group a terrorist organization, thus far garnering nearly 67,000 signatures.

Comment: What do you think of this socialist group encouraging violent behavior from children? Share your thoughts with us below.