WATCH: Here’s Your Proof That Hillary Is Actually A Robot!

Hillary Clinton

At a campaign rally in North Carolina, the robot version of Hillary Clinton took over her speech and was unable to discern that the teleprompter was indicating that she should sigh for dramatic effect. Instead, robot Hillary actually read the word ‘sigh’ out loud.

Because emotions are hard when you’re a cold, cyborg programmed to only convey the talking points you’ve been given.

Via Western Journalism:

On Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke at a campaign rally in North Carolina. Much of that time was spent attacking the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Clinton also addressed the basic liberal polices she plans to implement if she becomes president.

She criticized her opponent for his economic policies, saying, “We need to write a new chapter in the American dream and it can’t be Chapter 11.”

Clinton then addressed the crowd with a rebuttal for Trump, who earlier in the day focused on her various ethical and character issues in an attention-grabbing speech that many conservative pundits, including a few who haven’t supported Trump, said was one of his best.

“Think about it,” Clinton said. “He’s going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance. All he can do is he’s trying to distract us. That’s even why he’s attacking my faith.”

She then paused for a moment and said, “Sigh.” It appeared the word “sigh” was a teleprompter signal to make the sound after she had finished her sentence. Instead, Clinton read it out loud.

You can check it out in all it’s hilarity below …

It was reminiscent of President Obama’s own famous teleprompter flub in which the man who clearly has no respect for our military, pronounced the word ‘corpsman’ as ‘corpse-man.’ Over and over again.

The inability to convey emotions can best be explained by Hillary herself, who in 2015 declared what most of us already knew – “I’m really not even a human being.”

She added, “I was constructed in a garage in Palo Alto a very long time ago.”

Check out this video of Robot Hillary preparing for her campaign speeches with a hard reboot …

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