Watch: Governor Ron DeSantis Rips CNN Reporter For Trying To Deliver A Speech Instead Of Asking A Question

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis excoriated a CNN reporter after she attempted to 'give a speech' rather than ask a question about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in his state.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis excoriated a CNN reporter after she attempted to ‘give a speech’ rather than ask a question about the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in his state.

CNN reporter Rosa Flores seemed desperate to frame her question in a manner that blamed DeSantis for trouble in delivering the vaccine.

“Governor, what has gone wrong with the rollout of the vaccine that we’ve seen phone lines jammed, websites crashing …” Flores began.

DeSantis answered succinctly, that there is “a lot of demand,” but the reporter continued speaking over him.

“Excuse me, excuse me, you just said, ‘What has gone wrong?’ so I’m answering the question,” DeSantis interrupted.

“If I could complete the question, though,” continued Flores.

DeSantis quipped, “So you’re going to give a speech, or are you going to ask a question? You asked a question and I’m going to answer it.”

The two engaged in a further testy back and forth.


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Ron DeSantis Deftly Takes Down CNN Reporter’s Narrative

Just as DeSantis had predicted, the reporter would eventually complete her ‘question’ which involved assigning blame to the governor for seniors having to wait for the vaccine.

“To complete it for you, governor, we’ve seen websites crash, and also, senior citizens waiting overnight for the vaccine,” Flores said.

DeSantis, however, wasn’t about to play games and called her out for not investigating the issue prior to making her claims.

The Republican governor explained that the coronavirus vaccine was distributed to hospitals and it is the experts at those hospitals who decide how to dispense it.

“So the state is not dictating to hospitals … that would be a total disaster,” he said.

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Not the First Time DeSantis Has Handled Biased Reporters

Incidentally, if CNN reporters are so concerned about the health and well-being of senior citizens, why aren’t they swarming New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s press conferences and asking him similar questions?

Cuomo is a guy who refused to listen to the experts when he personally issued an executive order forcing nursing homes to take on patients that had tested positive for coronavirus, resulting in an untold number of elderly deaths.

He’s also the same guy who just announced that COVID vaccines would be given to drug addicts in rehabilitation facilities prior to elderly citizens living outside of nursing homes.

But yea, it’s DeSantis who is the senior-hating bad guy for letting doctors and hospitals determine who gets the vaccines first.

This isn’t the first time DeSantis has exposed media activists during the pandemic. He absolutely mauled them back in May when they tried to suggest Florida was being irresponsible in handling the pandemic while New York had done things right.

No state in the country has seen more death than New York. It’s not even close.

And even now, the Empire State has seen 80.6 average daily cases per 100k people in the last seven days, compared to 60.5 for Florida.


Rather than giving speeches, CNN reporters should be thanking DeSantis for his competent leadership during the pandemic.

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