Watch: Geraldo Rivera Almost Brawls With Baltimore Rioter


Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera engaged in a heated exchange with protesters in Baltimore late last night. As a curfew was being implemented in the riot-plagued city, a group of demonstrators were defying the rule and blocking the news crew’s camera.

Rivera was preparing for an interview with State Senator Catherine Pugh (D) and told one individual to step aside.

The man responded by shouting, “Don’t touch me!”

Rivera wasn’t prepared to back down.

Via Business Insider:

“Then stop blocking my camera. Then stop blocking my camera. Stop it,” Rivera shouted back. “You’re making a fool of yourself! You’re making a fool of yourself!”

Their back-and-forth tussle continued for a bit, but Rivera eventually stepped aside to continue his interview with Pugh elsewhere. The next day he called the protester “annoying” for getting in the way of an important story.

Baltimore is under curfew after riots rocked the city on Monday, when the funeral for 25-year-old Freddie Gray was held. Gray died April 19 after suffering a fatal spinal injury while in police custody.

Watch the intense segment below…

As the interview continues, another person yells at Rivera to “stop making money off of exploiting black people.”

Rivera tries to escort the State Senator away from what he refers to as “vandals.”

The confrontation came to an end as another woman calmed things down and requested Rivera leave the area so she could help bring the protest to an end.

Rivera said of the protesters, “It seems like they want trouble.”

What did you think of Rivera’s comments and actions? What did you think of the protesters?

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