Watch: Fox News Reporter Asks Obama Spox The BEST Question Of All Time


It might actually be a question children in America will be asked in future classrooms when they look back on the Obama presidency.

“Whatever happened to … the Constitution?”

The President has slowly been dismantling our founding document over his two terms in office, enacting executive orders and bypassing Congress on major policies such as illegal immigration and now gun control.

Via Fox News Insider:

Wallace listed several Obama executive orders from the past 14 months:

“November 2014, carbon emissions deal with China. Same month, temporary amnesty for 5 million illegal immigrants. December 2014, normalized relations with Cuba. July 2015, Iran nuclear deal. December 2015, Paris climate deal. This week, tighten gun controls.

Mr. McDonough, whatever happened to Article I of the Constitution, which says, ‘All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States?'”

McDonough didn’t answer the question directly, causing Wallace to press him again, saying Obama “didn’t do what the Constitution says, which is observe Article I.”

McDonough said that during budget negotiations, Congress “had an opportunity…if they wanted to exercise under their Article I powers…and they decided they didn’t.”

Wallace countered: “The Constitution doesn’t say ‘All legislative powers are vested in the Congress unless they don’t act, in which case the president can do whatever he wants.'”

Watch as Fox News reporter, Chris Wallace, continually pressures White House aide Denis McDonough on the President’s refusal to adhere to Article I of the Constitution.

Comment: Do you believe President Obama has failed to adhere to the Constitution with his gun control or other executive actions? Share your thoughts below.

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