Watch: DeSantis Releases Epic New ‘Top Gun’ Themed Campaign Ad You Don’t Want To Miss

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Screenshot: Casey DeSantis Twitter

By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a rapidly-rising star in the Republican Party and among America First conservatives, may have released the best ad of the 2022 campaign cycle so far. 

DeSantis is up for re-election this year after narrowly defeating Democrat Andrew Gillum by a mere 32,000 votes in 2018. 

While we won’t know who his Democrat opponent is until after the August 23 primary elections, it’s safe to say DeSantis is champing at the bit.

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DeSantis’ new ad plays off one of this year’s hottest movies – Top Gun: Maverick, starring Tom Cruise and Jennifer Connelly. The sequel to 1986’s Top Gun, Maverick was a breath of fresh air for many, raking in an incredible $1.4 billion to date.

The film follows pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a hot-head but supremely talented, 35 years after his time in the Navy’s TOPGUN flight school. 

Mav is brought back to TOPGUN to train a new class of pilots for a dangerous mission to take out an illegal nuclear facility, protected by the latest (and more advanced than their own F-18 Super Hornet) Sukhoi fighter jets. And as everyone knows, Mav doesn’t play by the rules in order to get the job done.

It’s easy to see why DeSantis, himself a Lt. Commander in the Navy, found inspiration from the film. 

Without further ado, watch this incredible thing:

It has it all. Fighter jets, gnarly bomber jackets, aviator shades, “rules of engagement” for “dogfighting” the corporate media, and more. 

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Never Back Down From A Fight

DeSantis’ ad isn’t strictly fiction either. Part of his popularity stems from his (some would say Trump-like) refusal to give in to the liberal media. 

He just doesn’t take any guff from them. Ever. And in this age, that’s just as important as anything else a Republican can do. 

To take just one recent example: the Democrat mouthpieces at “The View” invited DeSantis to appear on the show. Big mistake. 

Florida’s “Top Gov” responded by pointing out how partisan and biased the show is. Examples include hosts calling DeSantis “Death-Santis”, a “fascist” and bigot, homicidal sociopath, and more. 

And that’s one of the reasons DeSantis is so popular. The old guard of the GOP would just as soon show up to “The View” and apologize for their beliefs. Not DeSantis. 

Of course, policy matters, too. DeSantis has taken on the Biden administration’s changes to Title IX, sacked a state attorney for refusing to follow the state’s abortion laws, taken on the woke agenda at the university level, and more. 

By all accounts, DeSantis is the top dog in waiting in the Republican Party, ready for the torch to be passed from Donald Trump. 

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