WATCH: Dana Loesch Delivers Crushing Blow To Obama And The ‘Godless Left’

Dana Loesch crushes Obama and the left

Dana Loesch, conservative host for TheBlaze TV, destroyed anti-gun, anti-Christian liberals for their reaction to the San Bernardino terrorist attack, referring to them as the “Godless left” and also “tragedy dry-humping whores.”

If that is the antithesis to Obama referring to conservatives as ‘bitter clingers,’ then Loesch just absolutely obliterated those far-left loons! And she did it in a well-reasoned and passionate tirade against the liberal idiocy currently destroying our country.

Via Mediaite:

“If you have a problem with being called the godless left, maybe don’t be the godless left,” Loesch said on The Dana Show. “You had the New York Daily News, you had elected officials and you had journalists mocking people who were simply asking for prayers. Mocking them.”

Dana Loesch is of course, referring to this abhorrent headline in the Daily News immediately following the terrorist attack:

Dana Loesch takes on the Left over controversial headline

“Here’s an idea,” Loesch pondered, “how about you guys stop letting terrorists in.”

After blasting the left for their “politically correct” policies that actually prevented homeland security officials from checking the social media accounts of one of the San Bernardino terrorists (who openly discussed jihad,) Loesch announced, “you all have blood on your hands right now.”

She added, “I have a major problem with all these tragedy dry-humping whores … it’s about time somebody called you out for what you are.”

“You sicken me,” Loesch concluded.

Watch the fiery rant from Loesch below …

Comment: Are liberals, and liberal politicians, with their PC policies towards radical Islam to blame for what happened in San Bernardino?  Share this Dana Loesch video on Facebook to spread the word and spark conversation!

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