Watch Ann Coulter and Megyn Kelly Team Up to Expose Obama

Last night on The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly, Ann Coulter criticized the President for not calling the family of Kate Steinle, saying she “died specifically as a result of Obama’s policies.”

Steinle was killed in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant with a lengthy criminal record. The man had been deported five times prior to this tragedy, but this time had fled to San Francisco because he knew he could escape federal scrutiny due to its designation as a so-called ‘sanctuary city.’

via Fox News Insider:

On “The Kelly File” tonight, Ann Coulter reacted to President Obama not mentioning the death of Kate Steinle at his press conference earlier today.

Coulter said Steinle is not just a random crime victim and that the Obama administration should have called her family.

“Kate Steinle died specifically as a result of Obama’s policies,” she asserted.

Watch Coulter slam Obama below …

Earlier in the clip, the whole cast of The Kelly File laughs at the ridiculousness of how the President would call somebody like Sandra Fluke, who Rush Limbaugh backhandedly referred to as a slut.

But Kate Steinle? Murdered by an illegal? That’s too much.

Obama is simply doing as most liberals do, avoiding the reality that his policies of appeasing those who enter the country illegally can lead to harm for everyday Americans.

Do President Obama or San Francisco liberals have blood on their hands with the Kate Steinle murder?

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