Washington Post Article Demands No Presidential Library For Trump, Calls It ‘Issue Of National Security’

Ban Trump Presidential Library

On January 20th, the day Biden was Inaugurated as the 46th President, the National Archives launched the website for the Trump Presidential Library.

But if the Left has their way, Trump will be denied the same Presidential Library afforded to all former Presidents since the Presidential Libraries Act of 1955.

Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to still be in full swing. They would like to erase the last four years in a Servpro kind of way.

You know, “like it never even happened.”

And they just don’t want to erase Trump himself, they want to erase Trump supporters as well. That will not happen if there is a shrine erected to Trump’s presidency.

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The Trump ‘Purge’ Has Begun

This is just the latest in what is becoming a sure way for the Left to be able to wake up each day and be spurred on by the man they love to hate the most.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) and Joaquin Castro (D-CA) are drafting a bill that would prevent the naming of anything, schools, highways, or federal buildings, and in the words of Rep. Sanchez herself, “not even a bench ever bear the name of this traitor.”

The next target: the Trump Presidential Library.

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Trump Library Would Be ‘Issue Of National Security’

In equally snarky articles in the Washington Post and Politico, the possibility of a future with no Trump Library was made.

For WaPo, the argument to deny a Trump Presidential Library is that Trump just doesn’t have the “the focus, administrative savvy, and financial resources to execute a presidential center, much like the one that is planned for Barack Obama.”

Never mind the fact that this is the same man who, for decades, actually had a real job running a massive real estate empire.  

And ominously, WaPo’s “art and architecture critic” warns us, that allowing Trump a Presidential Library would be a “giant grift” and an “issue of national security.”

Politico made numerous comparisons to Richard Nixon. The most glaring of course, that both men were impeached, Trump twice.

But it was Nixon’s presidential library “that rescued him from history.” The Left had no interest in “rescuing” Richard Nixon.

And they certainly have no desire to “rescue” Donald Trump.

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Admittedly, presidential libraries are complicated things. There is a lot money involved, both public and private involved. Lots of planning and fundraising, in addition to deciding where the actual building would be built. 

The elites at the Washington Post and Politico can’t imagine any reputable college, especially the colleges Trump attended, would deign to allow a Trump Library to tarnish the hallowed ground on which both institutions sit.

Or for that matter, anyone donating land for such a horrific tribute.

But have we forgotten we are talking about a man who built giant skyscrapers and sprawling complexes for decades?

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A Library Like No Other

Politico made sure to point out to those of us who might be Trump supporters who couldn’t possible understand such things, that presidential libraries don’t have books.

So what might be in a Trump Library?

Well, there is plenty of written and spoken material about a man who gave up a life of wealth and prosperity, who loves his country, who wanted to make it a better place for all, only to be to be viciously attacked almost on an hourly basis.

His family attacked, dragged through frivolous investigation after investigation,  lied about, maligned, and his supporters, and even those in Congress who share his party affiliation, the ones who actually supported him, called racists, white supremacists, and worse, all because they have a different view. 

Oh yeah, there is plenty to fill a Trump Library. Maybe that is what the Left is afraid of. 

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