Warren Criticized Mayor Pete for ‘Wine Cave,’ But She Held Fundraiser at Eatery with a Wine Vault

In the last Democratic presidential debate, Elizabeth Warren attacked Mayor Pete Buttigieg over a fundraiser he held at a “wine cave” – yet she too has her own history of taking part in lavish events.

A new Washington Post report noted an October 2017 event in San Francisco, where she held a Senate campaign fundraiser with supporters at Boulevard — a restaurant that advertises a “wine vault” where customers can enjoy their meals with wines that as expensive as $3,800 a bottle.

Warren may have lampooned the “wine vault” favored by the establishment elite, but she apparently has participated in similar events.

‘Wine Cave’ Wars

“I am frustrated because she said, ‘I don’t do this. This isn’t something I do.’ And two years ago she very much did do that, and I was in the room,” Warren supporter Chase Williams told the Washington Post.

And that wasn’t the only “wine cave” type event for Warren.

Fox News reported, “The wine flowed at another Warren fundraiser in June 2018 at City Winery Boston. Donors who gave $1,000 to Warren’s Senate campaign received souvenir wine bottles, and VIP experiences were offered to those who gave $2,700. Warren’s campaign, responding to that report, noted that ‘this event, which occurred before the Presidential campaign, was held at a large public music venue with multiple locations throughout the country, not an exclusive wine cave. Their most expensive bottle of wine is $49. As the invite shows, the minimum to get in was $100. It did not require a maxout donation to attend.”

Warren raised so much for her Senate campaign that she was able to take $10 million and put it toward her 2020 presidential campaign, though she has said she won’t fundraise this way for her White House bid.

“I’ve said to anyone who wants to donate to me, ‘If you want to donate to me, that’s fine, but don’t come around later expecting to be named ambassador,’ because that’s what goes on in these high-dollar fundraisers,” Warren said at the last debate.

Buttigieg Strikes Back

Buttigieg took issue with Warren’s attack on him.

“Your presidential campaign right now as we speak is funded in part by money you transferred having raised it at those exact same big-ticket fundraisers you now denounce,” Buttigieg replied to Warren at the last debate.

“Did it corrupt you, Senator? Of course not,” Buttigieg added.

Expect more fireworks between these two before the primaries are over, and don’t be surprised if  these politicians’ “wine cave” fundraisers stick around too.

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