Mike Rowe, the former host of “Dirty Jobs,” is one of the most insightful conservatives we have on our side. He understands American history, limited government, and personal responsibility. He takes no prisoners when he calls out the left and their stupidity, and that includes Nike listening to a failed NFL quarterback who left football and turned down contracts to pursue victimhood.

Rowe dropped a lost post on Facebook to include his thoughts on the subject of Kaepernick and Nike: “I think Nike has the right to decorate their shoes with whatever flag they desire. I think Kaepernick has the right to offer marketing advice to any company that’ll take it. And I think you and I have the right to purchase whatever brand of tennis shoes we choose.”

Here’s an excerpt from one of Mike Rowe’s fans on his Facebook page:

“Why would anyone in their right mind support Nike after this latest round of nonsense? Why would any public company with an image to protect take advice from an athlete? How can our attention be sucked up by people with nothing better to do than complain about fireworks and tanks on the fourth of July? Our country seems to be losing its mind, or at the very least, its sense of history and perspective. As a man who has always seemed comfortable with our country’s flag, I was hoping you might have some insight to share on this, especially today.”

Off the Wall Why would anyone in their right mind support Nike after this latest round of nonsense? Why would any…

Posted by Mike Rowe on Thursday, July 4, 2019

“In other words, I’m tempted on this day to remind you that there’s nothing inherently dangerous about a sneaker company currying favor with a woke athlete, or fellow citizens complaining about displays of patriotism and military might. On the other hand, I think Ronald Reagan was right when he said we’re always one generation away from losing the freedoms we currently enjoy. Along with the siren song of socialism, the persistent promise of ‘free’ stuff, and the breathtaking level of censorship on our college campuses, I worry about the growing belief among many that we can somehow improve our present by erasing our past; by toppling statues, outlawing ‘problematic’ symbols, or rewriting specific pieces of our history in ways that leave us feeling less offended.”


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Rowe is right. The shift that we’ve seen in this country is unbearable. It seems that being patriotic, loving our nation and our flag, singing our national anthem and praying is now seen as a bad thing. The Left has tried to associate “nationalism” with “white supremacy,” and the comparison is, quite frankly, extremely rude.

Nationalism, in its honorable form, has nothing to do with idolatry, especially if your love of family and intent is noble. That is how we have made it this far. I cherish my family, friends, and way of life and would fight to protect it.

Many times I think we’re so focused on always making sure everyone is in a “safe space” that we neglect to instruct the youth of our rich nation’s history and what makes our country so amazing. We neglect to teach our youth the value of having relationships with other people, respecting our differences and understanding that we each have a right to our personal beliefs, even if we don’t always see eye-to-eye.

Rowe is on point once again with this piece. Sometimes I wish I could find him and sit down to have a conversation about life. I am sure it would be something else.

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