So the Democrats are trying to expand the Constitutional Grounds for Impeachment to cover hurt feelings and differences of opinion.

Further, Jerry “Nadless” is claiming that Trump won by voter fraud and that he will win again, even though several House and Senate committees have found absolutely no evidence of voter fraud on the President’s behalf.

On Saturday, Democrats released a new report, titled Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment, which attempts to expand the definition of what constitutes an impeachable offense so that seemingly any president throughout America’s history would now be subject to impeachment.

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Remember when leftist Harry Reed went nuclear in the Senate, and now leftists whine about it when Republicans are in control? Imagine what a Republican House and Senate could do to remove a leftist president based on the low bar that they now choose to use.

Were the Founders able to see Rep. Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, Mad Maxine Waters, Al Green, Hank Johnson, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and The Hyena Cub Trio in action, they would have dispatched a note to King George III: ‘Can’t we all just get along?’

These rabid nuts, whether they realize it or not, have laid the foundation for endless – and needless – constitutional crises. They have initiated a political civil war, bringing any and all of the peoples’ business to a halt (“we don’t have time for USCMA”) and we’ll all be lucky if they don’t foment national unrest and dissolution. Damn the lot of them.

Here is an excerpt from that report:

“Since the House began its impeachment inquiry, a number of inaccurate claims have circulated about how impeachment works under the Constitution. To assist the committee in its deliberations, we address six issues of potential relevance:

  1. The law that governs House procedures for impeachment.
  2. The law that governs the evaluation of evidence, including where the president orders defiance of House subpoenas.
  3. Whether the president can be impeached for abuse of his executive powers.
  4. Whether the president’s claims regarding his motives must be accepted at face value.
  5. Whether the president is immune from impeachment if he attempts an impeachable offense but is caught before he completes it.
  6. And whether it is preferable to await the next election when a president has sought to corrupt that very same election.”

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No, Jerry, this is not the way it works; and we’re not going to amend the Constitution by eliminating the Electoral College either.

Do you realize that Democrats never consider any future actions predicated upon their current actions? Do they actually think that the law of unintended consequences has been repealed? Thus, the two are related no matter how much you hate the fact.

The report concludes Americans simply cannot be trusted to take action in the next election; “No President is entitled to persist in office after committing ‘high Crimes and Misdemeanors,’ and no one who voted for him in the last election is entitled to expect he will do so. Where the President’s misconduct is aimed at corrupting elections, relying on elections to solve the problem is no safeguard at all.”

So the takeaway from this is that having the people elect the wrong President is bad, but it would be even worse if they were allowed to elect him for a second term. Impeachment and removal from office is the only remedy.

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The bottom line? It’s just another attempt by Democrats to overturn the will of the American people in the 2016 election. Aren’t you getting sick of that day after day?

When these Democrat hypocrites start wrapping the American flag around their bodies and talking about what the forefathers would have wanted them to and even worse, how the American people want them to continue to walk down the road to oblivion, you can be sure the Democrats are planning to do something very unAmerican.

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