It’s mostly common knowledge to people that actually pay attention to election laws that electioneering – providing political materials for a particular candidate in an attempt to sway a person’s vote – is illegal within a certain distance (typically 100 ft.) of a polling place.

Democrats outside the Wissinomming Recreation Center in Philadelphia don’t seem to care about such laws.

The following is video of the polling place thoroughly plastered with Clinton-Kaine signs right outside the door, along with an apparent supporter of the ticket sitting in a chair as voters pass by with her own election materials.

Watch …

During the last election cycle in 2014, Philadelphia saw hundreds of complaints involving voters being intimidated by being “hit with a barrage of materials, sample ballots and t-shirt clad advocates.”

Other reports in Philadelphia have surfaced as well…

Via Lifezette:

Tuesday kicked off a long tradition on Election Day in the United States: problems and errors at the voting stations.

In one case documented by VoteStand, a phone application that people can use to report voting problems, a Philadelphia voter reported “clear-cut” electioneering too close to polling stations.

“Partisan (literature) being passed inside protected polling location. Clear cut case of electioneering,” the voter tweeted.

Pennsylvania laws spell out electioneering violations in simple terms – No one can “electioneer or solicit votes for any political party, political body or candidate, nor shall any written or printed matter be posted up within the said room, except as required by this act.”

Yet, it seems widespread in the city of Philadelphia.

You’ll probably recall a very famous case of voter intimidation in the city by member of the New Black Panther Party. Voters were greeted by Panther members in paramilitary uniforms brandishing billy clubs, frightening voters and trying to suppress the vote against Barack Obama in 2008.

Obama’s administration, particularly the DOJ under Eric Holder, refused to pursue charges against the NBPP members, setting a precedent that it’s okay to violate election laws in the city of Philadelphia.

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